How Would You Build A One-Bedroom Granny Flat?

Are you thinking of making a granny flat? Do you not know how and where to start? Not able to decide if it is a good idea or not? If your answer is yes! Then you have landed on the right article. Here we have tried to list down some pros and cons of building a one-bedroom granny flat. This will help you to make an informed decision.

Let’s start with the disadvantages first of one-bedroom granny flat

Build A One-Bedroom Granny Flat


In many articles, you may have read the cost of a one-bedroom granny flat as one of the advantages. Still, we have added cost under disadvantages because many homeowners forget to calculate the other costs included while building a granny flat like the installation cost charged by the construction company, charges that you have to pay the plumbers, electricians, spend on the basic amenities like bed, couch, table etc.  Building a one-bedroom granny flat can save your cost if you calculate the prices of all these things beforehand. You can search for some contractors online and ask for their quotes. You can compare their prices to choose an affordable one. If you want to save your overall construction cost, you can go for the prefab granny flat.

Government rules and regulations

You need to check with the local authorities if you can build a one-bedroom granny flat, and you need to take permission from your local municipality for the same. In this case, you can hire a reliable contractor, and they will help you get such required permission from the local authority.

The tenants

When you hire tenants for your one-bedroom granny flat, you do not know how these people may turn out to be, they are peace-loving lovely people, or they can be noisy tenants. They may be nosy or very secretive. They may be beneficial and caring or troublemakers, always creating a nuisance. But, by allowing tenants on your property, you are opening your family to them. So, you must check their background before you give your granny flat on rent.

Now let’s look at some of the advantages of one-bedroom granny flat

Building plans

Value of your property

In future, whenever you plan to sell your property, you will get a reasonable price because of the one-bedroom granny flat. Buyers who have children can build a granny flat to give complete freedom to their children. Similarly, you can give an independent space to your grandparents.


By listing your one-bedroom granny flat for long term renting or short term renting, you can earn additional income. You can also list your granny flat as homestays for tourists on various websites and earn from that.

Additional space

Children want their own room and you are falling short by one room, or have grandparents or aged ailing parents, or need a spare room for guests, or need a storeroom, or want a hobby room, or a study, whatever may be the reason one-bedroom granny flat will give the additional space you need.



After you have weighed all the pros and cons, you must discuss with your family members before you decide to go ahead or drop the plan of building a one-bedroom granny flat. If you decide to look for a reliable construction company with experience with granny flat designs, you can search them online. You can request them to show the granny flats they made to get an idea of their work.

How Would You Build A One-Bedroom Granny Flat? 1

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