How To Make Your House Look Japandi In 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever heard of the term Japandi? A good deal of you might wonder what the heck this is all about. 

Japandi is a design combination of Scandinavian functional style and Japanese minimalistic design philosophy. 

How To Make Your House Look Japandi In 6 Easy Steps

Although it may seem like this modern design trend has come out of nowhere, many people are being influenced by its focus on simplicity through natural elements and comfortable living space.

When you think of the Japandi style of interior design, you might imagine sleek lines, bright spaces, and minimalist colours. In this blog, we will share with you how to get this look at your home.

Be A Minimalist 

Scandinavian and Japanese design principles are both very minimalist. Because of that, we want to achieve simplicity by reducing everything to its most essential base rather than excess details.

Declutter Your Space 


If your place is very active, with many people coming in and out, you might think that finding a minimalist look would be impossible, but it’s far from the truth.

There is always a way to declutter and make things appear less cluttered!

Now, if you’re wondering how you might achieve such an elegant but natural look for your own home, then try concentrating on using faux- minimalism meaning use baskets and containers that hide any leftover clutter or personal effects in one place. Genius right! 

Focus On Quality Furniture

This interior trend in Japandi focuses on furniture made with care and craftsmanship that will last for years rather than temporary items. 

Look for classic pieces that will match your style and fit well with your existing décor at home for years to come. 

Relying on items that are only used once and then discarded does not contribute to sustainable or environmentally friendly living, which can be hazardous in the long run.

Bring In Natural Elements


Minimalism in design is not simply about having the least amount possible. 

It’s also about choosing materials that come from the earth, like bamboo and wicker, for example, or even cane, providing you with a natural and elegant appearance that enriches your home atmosphere.

Go for furniture made from wood, and you want to go with the white oak for this design style. 

White oak is common in Scandinavia and Japan because of its natural conditions, where they battle severe snow and earthquakes, and white oak gave them a sense of strength and warmth. 

Use natural fabrics like cotton and wool for upholstery panels, pillows, and cushions. If you have a certain design element and you can’t find pieces to match in the market, don’t shy away from custom-making them. 

Yes, they might cost more than machine-loomed amounts, but it is well worth it. You can get fabrics from all about fabrics as they boast of a remarkable selection of natural materials. 

Get Ready To Bring It Down 

Lower the height of your sofa by bringing it closer to the ground; similarly, you can get a Japandi influence into your bedroom space by lowering the height of your bed as well.

Go With Delicate Plants

In this style of interior design, you cannot use every type of plant. It’s best to use elegant plants like bonsais or bamboo plants or even hanging planters. 

Make sure you don’t overdo it – the idea is that you don’t want to be overwhelmed with jungle-like foliage in your home!



We hope you’ve gotten an idea of how to put a Japandi touch on your home after reading this blog. 

If you follow the simple, clean lines and choose clean materials like wood or pure cotton in natural colours to fill up the space, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to create a Japandi home! 

How To Make Your House Look Japandi In 6 Easy Steps 1

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