Safari trips for families with young children

Safari trips are usually meant to be relaxing, but with a toddler around, you might hardly get enough relaxation to begin with. even some of the best South African safari trips can be quite stressful, so we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks you may want to check out if you’re thinking of going on a safari trip with your children, too.

Have a little patience

Photo by Larry Li on Unsplash

The first thing that we have to make clear is that what you’re doing when you’re going on vacation overseas is shattering the routine that some kids are accustomed to. Meals and siesta periods are particularly important for the little ones, and they might be downright exhausted after spending dozens of hours in transit or just waiting to reach the destination.

With slightly older kids, it’s easier to get them involved and excited, as you can use loads of guidebooks for the purpose. On top of that, there are slightly fewer communication issues, and you can get your message across a little easier. But things are a bit trickier with toddlers.

Select a safari where there are lots of activities

Photo by Chen Hu on Unsplash

Another tip that we can give you is to get a guide who has a bit of experience when it comes to a family African safari tour. Don’t rent a vehicle and set out for the wilderness because you’ll end up being frustrated on account of not getting where you want to go quickly enough.

Moreover, kids can get tired, thirsty, and hungry, as can you. It’s better to go on the road with someone who knows the works of the area, who can talk to the locals, and who knows to get back safely.

There are several African safaris that have activities like boat rides, bush walks, hot-air balloons, as well as horse riding. Sure, they might be fewer compared to the traditional ones which involve seeing lots and lots of furry and noisy animals. But they’re out there, and you should consider one of them.

Have the right equipment on hand

Photo by Elena Schneider on Unsplash

Besides everything we’ve already tackled, you need to understand that safari trips aren’t as adventurous as you might have imagined them to be. You can’t stand 2 feet from a cheetah and expect it not to act some way or the other. The same goes for lions, hyenas, and other animals that might be dangerous not only because they are predators, but also because they are not domesticated.

For these circumstances, it’s better to have everything ready in terms of distant observation. You need a quality pair of safari binoculars, and you might even benefit from using binoculars with camera, depending on their specifications.

Don’t forget that a safari trip is synonymous with spending heaps of hours in the sun, so be sure to pack as much sunscreen as possible, and never forget to take your sunglasses with you. In addition to all of this, you need to pack snacks as well as lots and lots of water bottles. Insect repellents are a good idea, too, especially when the sun starts to go down.

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