How Does Moving Schools Impact a Child

There are many reasons why your child might have to change schools, including moving to a new city or because they aren’t happy for some reason at their current school. Changing schools will no doubt be a bit of an upheaval. It’s important to understand the impact moving schools might have on your child so you can take steps to mitigate it. Here a private girls’ school in Surrey outlines how moving schools might impact a child and how you can support them through it. 


How Does Moving Schools Impact a Child
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One of the most nerve-wracking parts of moving to a new school will be trying to make new friends. It will most likely be hard for your child to leave the comfort of old friendship groups behind, and they will feel vulnerable when they first start at their new school. It can help to have a chat about how your child feels before they start and perhaps role-play how they can interact with new people. Having some pre-prepared lines to say might help if they get nervous when meeting their new classmates and teachers. Reassure your child that they will make new friends and feel comfortable at their new school in time


Although every school follows the same broad curriculum, how the curriculum is taught, and the materials used to support learning will vary. Teaching styles will also differ. Your child may feel out of their depth and behind their new classmates, or conversely, they may find they know more. It can help prepare for this by asking the school for some learning materials and any information about how they teach the curriculum that your child can familiarise with before they start. Monitor your child in the first few weeks to assess how they’re getting on so you can quickly identify any problems and communicate with teachers about it. 

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How Does Moving Schools Impact a Child
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Fear of the unknown will likely be one of the main issues your child grapples with as they move to a new school. You can mitigate this somewhat by preparing as much as possible. Try and visit the school with your child in advance if you can and introduce them to their teachers and the environment. You could also practise doing the school run a couple of times, so it feels normal when starting at their new school.  Moving schools will affect every child to some extent, but you can support them through it and make the transition as easy as possible with a little preparation and encouragement.

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