How crisis counselling can help trauma survivors

Life is an enigma that takes people through various experiences and unexpected circumstances. Many people don’t have the nerves of steel to cope with tragic situations. Their experiences leave a lasting impression on their minds, making them unable to accept specific events. 

How crisis counselling can help trauma survivors 1

This is where crisis counselling helps dramatically improve their life and spark the will to live within them.

Counselling was considered a taboo word until a few years ago, and people raised eyebrows at the mere mention of it. Fortunately, things are taking a turn, and people have started acknowledging that it can help deal with various mental health issues. 

Trauma survivors may appear fine, going about their regular activities, but inside, they have intangible scars affecting their mental well-being. 

What is Crisis Counselling?

Crisis counsellors are experts holding command on this subject. They use various tools and skills to help trauma survivors lead healthy and productive lives. 

Crisis can be of different types and affect people in different ways. While not everyone agrees to see a crisis counsellor, a few sessions can show positive results. 

If you suffered through a calamity and understand what others go through, why not play a part in helping the affected heal from their problems? 

One of the best ways to deal with trauma survivors is through experience and education. Get yourself enrolled in an MSE in School Counseling to make a real difference in the lives of people, and you’ll see just how rewarding it’ll be for you and them. 

With that said, let’s discuss some points that give insight into people who may need crisis counselling.

High School Students

You may not realize it, but high school counsellors can make a huge difference. Their impact on students’ well-being is profound and goes a long way in their life. 

Trauma can affect students’ cognitive and behavioural abilities and may result in severe issues, affecting their academic performances. 

Today’s students deal with several challenges that lead to mental disorders. 

Since the frequency of natural disasters has increased, students who lost their loved ones or were hurt need guidance and counselling. 

Aside from natural catastrophes, several high school students deal with domestic issues and relationship problems. 

Natural Disaster Survivors

As the amount of natural disasters and their severity continue to rise, they result in massive amounts of collateral damage and loss of life. People who come out alive from these disasters find themselves unable to get back to everyday life. 

Disaster survivors slip into depression, have anxiety attacks, and find it hard to maintain relationships. The behavioral consequences of a natural disaster make crisis counselling for survivors a must to make living life easier.

To discover how crisis counselling can be instrumental in helping trauma survivors, explore this trauma treatment program.

Passing Away of a Loved One

Death is a cruel reality. Some people die unexpectedly and leave their loved ones in denial, while others fail to accept the new reality and need help to cope with the grief and loss. 

Crisis counselling assists them in addressing their emotions more effectively because, unlike other forms of therapy, crisis counselling doesn’t last for months. It is brief and shows positive results in as little as 3-4 weeks. 

Elements of Crisis Counseling

crisis counselling

The main focus of crisis counselling is to minimize the impact of a traumatic event and equip survivors with the tools to lead a regular life independently. 

Since it is unlike psychotherapy, its procedure differs. Following are some of the elements of crisis counselling:

Evaluating the Situation

The first aspect of crisis counselling requires the counsellor to look into the factors behind the crisis and the client’s current situation. They meet clients, listen to them first-hand, ask relevant questions and assess their mental, emotional and social wellbeing. 

Assessing the situation gives them a clear picture and the direction to steer in their counselling sessions. Moreover, during the initial phase, they make clients feel safe and secure, physically and emotionally. 

Building trust is an essential aspect of Counseling, and crisis counsellors are equipped with skills that help them earn the confidence of clients. 

Educating Trauma Survivors

Traumatic survivors seek crisis counselling because they realize they need assistance to gain control of their life again. 

Crisis counsellors help them understand that their reactions are normal. Despite the cruel experiences they had, they can live productively. 

They educate traumatic survivors by assisting them in acquiring coping skills. As a result, survivors learn various ways of using their time wisely by keeping themselves engaged.  

Offering Support

Crisis counsellors practice active listening and provide survivors support by being non-judgmental and offering reassurance.

Since many traumatic survivors have painful flashbacks of traumatic events, crisis counsellors support them in breaking away from unhealthy dependencies and becoming more independent. 

Encourage Sell reliance

With the help of crisis counselling, traumatic survivors learn coping skills and become self-reliant. 

Coping skills are like band-aids, and traumatic survivors need these skills with unconditional support to be independent and gain control over their lives. 


Crisis counselling can change the direction of a trauma survivor’s life by helping them understand that life hasn’t ended. 

Many people lose the will to live and go into depression, making returning to normal life very challenging. 

This is where crisis counselling comes in to save the day by practising empathy and helping survivors see the reality of life by moving on. 

How crisis counselling can help trauma survivors 2

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