What skills should be developed in children for successful university studies?

We all aspire to get into the best of universities. But getting into a university is different from being able to survive there. Loads of academic pressure, assignment deadlines, and keeping up with our peers, at times, become overwhelming.

At certain points, we feel so burned out that we have to search for stuff on Google like ‘How to do my homework now?’ This happens majorly because we aren’t well prepared for universities before actually entering the universities.

What skills should be developed in children for successful university studies? 1

However, there are certain skills that, if developed from an early age, might help us perform better under university pressure. Let’s explore them in detail.

Communication Skills

For surviving and thriving in any sphere of our lives, we need to have strong communication skills. It is important that we not only express our viewpoints but that we understand others’ perspectives as well. It becomes especially important when we try to make friends in an alien place, like a university.

If children are encouraged to speak and express themselves, they become better communicators and develop interpersonal skills that help them in having better interactions.

Independent learning

Well, it involves everything from reading to note-taking and taking self-assessments. Before university, we are spoon-fed information, notes are provided, and there are teachers to guide us every step of the way.

However, this proves to be problematic in the long run. Over-time children should be allowed to develop their learning environment, where they are assisted only when they need it.

Time Management

The secret of most successful people is that they know how to manage their time. They prioritize their tasks and try to get maximum done in a limited time. However, time management is one tool that we underestimate as students.

But if we analyze carefully, in university, it all boils down to time management, how you plan your submissions, how much you stick to your plan, etc. However, this is something that cannot be done overnight. It is developed over time.

Therefore, children need to be encouraged to learn to manage their time from an early age so that they are prepared for the future.

Adaptive Thinking

Everything that happens in our life is a consequence of one of the many decisions that we might have made at some point. Therefore, making informed and carefully evaluated decisions becomes important.

This is something that nobody can teach us but we can develop in the right environment. However, when situations change and we are faced with the same decision in a different setting, we need not be rigid about the decisions but adapt according to the situation.

This needs patience and is imperative not only for surviving in university but every other aspect of life as well. Children need to be encouraged to make decisions based on the prevailing situation on their own and understand the consequences of their decisions.

Positive Attitude

Last but not the least, having a positive attitude helps. It is not merely for saying, but when we think positively, we start believing in that. And, what we believe has a big impact on what we achieve.

This is also not something that we get overnight. Things like how we decide, how we should perceive things cannot be acquired, but they are inculcated in our lives since our childhood.

To Conclude

No matter how prepare we may think we are for university, we are going to be faced with challenges that will feel overwhelming at first. But, having these skills will make the process bearable. Additionally, thinking in the long-term and taking steps in that direction is the first step towards getting a better future for your kids!

What skills should be developed in children for successful university studies? 2

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