How Can Women Improve Their Daily Hygiene by Using a Simple Bathroom Improvement

Women’s health is an important issue that sometimes falls under taboo and no one wants to say anything on the subject publicly. But thanks to the French inventors from the 17th century, it’s easier to understand the benefits and talk about them. Of course, we are referring to the bidet, a bathroom fixture that may come from the land of elegance but many find it decadent.

The reason for this is discomfort whenever women have to talk about their genitalia, something not observed with men and their private parts in most cases. However, with the growing female empowerment movement, it’s time to address the elephant in the room – better daily hygiene by using a simple bathroom improvement known as a bidet.

A little about women’s health

How can women improve their daily hygiene

Women’s health issues have layers and include various aspects of life. One of them is proper hygiene of genitalia to prevent the onset of bacteria and other troublesome conditions. Furthermore, one of the most common causes of female infertility and ectopic pregnancies is reproductive tract infection.

Namely, bacterial infections can cause damaged or blocked fallopian tubes which are responsible for egg travel to the uterus. Yeast infections like Candida can prevent sperm to pass through and fertilize the egg. These infections most commonly appear in the lower genital tract and are largely caused by poor hygiene.

Vaginal mucus is in the frontlines serving as an extension of the immune system to protect the body from infection. Mucous membranes can get dry or lack nutrient which leaves uterus open to bacteria and other infections, especially during menstruation. And besides infertility, these infections can cause premature birth and spontaneous abortion, so proper daily hygiene is important.

It is clear now that vaginal douching is not effective but actually contra-productive and can cause the infections instead of preventing them. Also, expert advice to avoid using anti-bacterial soaps since they harm the probiotic colonies in the genitals. Therefore, less aggressive methods are welcome to keep your lady bits healthy and in perfect shape.

Benefits of bidets

Modern Bathroom

Bidets are bathroom fixtures that can be separate or come as an addition to the toilet. The concept is quite simple really and basically, they are used to wash genitalia after using the toilet. They come in different sort of shapes and types which makes them easy to fit in any design.

For a long time, people who use bidets pointed out they’re eco-friendly since the users spend less paper. It’s only now that this gained in popularity and people started paying attention to this fact. But bidets have the most impact on personal hygiene of people who use it and that is something that is slowly getting accepted as well.

When it comes to female hygiene, bidets help reduce the spread of bacteria and irritation both caused by wiping too much with toilet paper. Experts suggest the use of bidets in cases when you don’t have time for showers, like after sex. Women who are prone to urinary tract infections should definitely install a bidet in their bathrooms since these are commonly caused by vaginal bacteria, or visit for more information.

You shouldn’t replace the toilet paper completely, but simply use it less than usual. Hopping into the shower every time you need to clean yourself is sometimes too demanding and takes time. So bidet is the best solution for this and also a very comfortable one.

How to use bidets


Bidets are actually really easy to use. First of all, find bidets online and choose a model that best suits your needs and budget. As we mentioned before, their type varies as well as the price range, but they all have the same mechanism – spraying water to wash your genitalia.

Now that we covered how they keep you clean, it’s important to cover how to use them for proper daily hygiene. You use the bidet after toilet since it is intended to help you clean up. Whether you will use toilet paper as well, it’s completely up to you, and some people use towels afterwards as well.

Straddle or sit on the bidet when it’s a standalone fixture depending on how you feel comfortable to control the jets. Bidets that come as part of the toilets have remote controls and you can adjust the jets that way. Both types offer you to make the water warmer and control the pressure of the jets for comfortableness.

In the end

Bidets are a very important resource to improve the daily hygiene of women. They may be simple bathroom improvement but their benefits like prevention of infection make them a crucial part of women’s health. So, say goodbye to shame and a welcome new addition to your bathroom that will keep you and your lady bits healthy.

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