Home bird or social butterfly? Do you need to make a choice?

I have always considered myself a home bird; my home is what makes me happy (provided it’s clean and tidy), and it’s one of the reasons that I love working from home. But then, on the flip side, I love to explore with my family, go for walks, ride our scooters or bikes, and have an adventure.

Sabina the Home Bird


At home, I can do as I please, I can work when I want, eat when I want, do the housework when I want, and of course, I can be on tap for my children should they need me to collect them early from school or to attend any of their school events which I consider to be a privilege.

When the Beans finish school during the cooler months, we often come home to play games, watch films, and do baking or crafts. It feels like a nice slow pace of life and is certainly a lot warmer indoors.

Over the past few years, I have become quite the hermit in the evenings. I have enjoyed spending time at home with my feet up, the TV on, and my laptop on tap if I need to work with food and drink. Recently, however, Hubby and I have been trying to get out and about a little more. We have been having a few more date nights, going out for meals and to concerts like we used to in the years BC (before children).

Sabina the Social Butterfly


Before having children, Hubby and I used to go out all the time; we both love music, and we love to dance and catch up with friends, so most weekends would end up with us dancing into the wee small hours in some club or another, at a concert or down in London seeing a show in the West End.

I loved nights with my Mum, friends, and work colleagues. You name an event, and I would have been there, but all that changes when you have children. Sure, we have had nights out since having children, but nothing puts you off drinking too hard or staying out too late, like the thought of a little person waking you up in the middle of the night or early in the morning wanting to play. Hangovers and children are not a good mix!!

Why make a choice?

Mummy Matters

Personally, I don’t think you have to be one or the other; I think the key to life is a happy balance. Since Hubby and I have had more date nights, it has given us the thirst to organise more and now that the weather is starting to pick up a little, we are also starting to plan more fun things to do with the children. A few weeks ago, we went bowling for the first time in years, and we all loved it. The children are all now of an age where we can do more as a family without someone being left out, and that’s the plan for our future.

At the heart of it all is our home, our home is where we feel safe and secure. We wouldn’t enjoy our days and nights out so much if we weren’t safe in the knowledge that we have a warm and welcoming home to return to at the end of it all. We work hard to make our house look nice, we ensure that the children all have rooms they have helped design themselves to reflect their personality, and we have many more plans in the pipeline for changes we want to make to keep refreshing and improving it. Because of all these reasons and more, we ensure we have the right home insurance in place, like from https://www.chill.ie/home-insurance/, should anything bad happen to our home. Without it, we would be lost, and the choice of staying in or going out just wouldn’t matter. When we dropped our TV during a decorating weekend, the insurance got us a replacement in the nick of time; when our dear little Beanie Boy decided to throw a stone at the patio door and shattered it, the home insurance came to the rescue and made us safe and secure once more.

What do you think, prefer to stay in or go out?


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