Has it really been a year?

Just look at my cheeky little chappy. He knew that I was trying to take a photograph of him, but he decided to remain aloof. He was trying his hardest not to smile at me, and for him, that’s a big ask as he is always smiling! Next week, my BABY turns 1!!! I really can’t believe that he is going to be 1 already, it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was stressing about moving into our new house before our baby boy arrived but we managed to get in with just two weeks to spare!

Has it really been a year?

In the past year our little boy has brought us so much pleasure, he is the happiest baby ever, so full of smiles and kisses and cuddles. He laughs at the slightest thing and only gets upset when his food is running late.

He started walking about two months ago but he’s so lazy, who needs to walk when you can crawl or be carried hey? Every now and then, he will take a couple of steps unaided and then smile at you as if to say, “That’s your lot for this week, love!”. He is however, a big climber, he LOVES to climb on anything and everything. There’s no slide too big that he won’t climb, no staircase too small for him, and he’s up them like lightning.

Beanie Boy

When I look at his beautiful face, I can’t stop the huge smile spread across my face or the warmth in my heart. Is he going to be a mummy boy? Erm, yes, I think he probably is, although all our children are good at sharing themselves around.

Little Bean is now at preschool three full days a week, so I have big chunks of time just for my boy and me. I feel like I have my baby days all over again, this was the age that Little Bean really came into herself and was so much fun to be around. Now I am lucky enough to have that time again with Beanie Boy, quality time just mother and son. I’ve seen a difference in him, too; he’s playing more, getting his toys out and interacting more instead of being told what to do by his big sister (well, she can be a bit bossy!). He ‘talks’ to me or shouts and points when he wants something. He steals my mobile phone to call his ‘mates’, and he climbs across the back of the sofa!! We have had odd little outings just the two of us, I want him to experience some of the things that I did with Little Bean, I don’t want him to miss out. Our next step is to find mother and toddler classes. When Little Bean is at school, it’s time for Beanie Boy to have some fun before another year has passed.

My baby days are nearly over but that doesn’t meant the fun has to stop, its only just the beginning . . .

What activities did you do with your youngest child when you were home alone? How do you make them feel as special as your other children?

4 thoughts on “Has it really been a year?”

  1. And what a wonderful year it has been! We’ve been so privileged to be a part of your life this last year and to see Beanie Boy grow and change! Can’t wait to help you celebrate next week. Mwah! 😉

    xx Karin, Mark and Ella

  2. Oh my God he looks ADORABLE!!!!!!! And so much like you now! Lil Sis is obsessed with climbing at the mo too – she just ploughs over everything like a tank. xx

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