• Beanie Boy

    There’s a change in Beanie Boy . . .

    I’ve been a little spoilt with Beanie Boy being a September baby because it has meant that I got to spend an extra year at home with him before he heads off to Primary School. He has been going to pre-school since he was two, initially just two mornings a week and then eventually 3 […]

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  • Quality Time with Beanie Boy 1

    Quality Time with Beanie Boy

    I’m sorry to say that I have got my ‘quality time’ posts in completely the wrong order. The week before I went to London with Little Bean, I had a day out with Beanie Boy just the two of us. Beanie Boy has always been very much a Mummy’s boy to the point that he […]

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  • Has it really been a year?

    Just look at my cheeky little chappy, he knew that I was trying to take a photograph of him but he decided to remain aloof, he was trying his hardest not to smile at me and for him that’s a big ask as he is always smiling! Next week my BABY turns 1!!! I really […]

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