Getting geared up for the Rugby World Cup

If you saw my post a few weeks ago about our #PassAroundTheWorld you’ll know that we are a family of Rugby fans. Long before I met Hubby I could be found chanting and shouting at the huge TV screens in the bar during a Rugby match and so it’s been great that Hubby (and now the Beans) are also fans as it is something that we can all share an interest in together. It always amuses me that the Beans will happily sit and watch sport on the TV because as a child I couldn’t think of anything more boring. It’s funny how your interests change as you grow.


The 18th September 2015 marks the start of the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham and whilst we won’t be there to watch the live action unfolding, we will be there in spirit, from the comfort of our own home. When you have young children, you can’t take them to nearest bar to watch sports on the oversized screens but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it on a quality screen at home. Hubby has currently got his eye on the Panasonic 4K TVs which promises ultra-fine details, an important factor when watching sports!

If September finds you watching Rugby for the first time, you might find some of the terminology a little confusing and be forgiven for thinking the commentators are talking about a bar brawl more than a team sport so I found this fun ‘Rugby for Dummies Cheat Sheet‘ to give you a little head start. Once you’ve got your head around that, stock up on the Guinness (my favourite), invite a few friends over, pick your team, wear your team colours and learn a few Rugby songs to really get you into the spirit of it. Make it a celebration and an excuse for another BBQ before you have to cover it up and hide it away in the garage until next Summer rolls around!


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