How To Get Back Into Work After A Period Of Unemployment

The COVID-19 pandemic has put us all on the back foot in so many ways, and many people have found themselves out of work for the first time in years. Some of us were forced to give up our day job, or side hustles to look after loved ones and juggle other responsibilities. At the same time, many of us found ourselves being made redundant as businesses across all sectors were forced to make cutbacks. Now that we’re a couple of months into the new year and looking ahead to a brighter normal, you may be thinking about getting back into work.

How To Get Back Into Work After A Period Of Unemployment
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If you’re looking to start a new career after any period out of work, it can seem like a huge challenge. We all know how dispiriting those endless job sites trawls can be, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

Set Yourself A Timetable

As we mentioned, the job hunt can be a demoralising experience. You can spend hours and hours on a job site looking for something that feels right and come up with nothing, and you can send off application after application and get nowhere. This is why it’s important to create a timetable so you stay positive and productive without getting ground down. Set time aside for planning before you start the hunt, keep the scrolling to a set time each day and make sure you reward time spent job seeking with some fresh air and relaxation.

Use Online Resources

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Job hunting can sometimes feel quite solitary, but the fact is that there are so many people out there in the same boat. Did you know that 1 in 5 people have used their time in lockdown to think about a new career? There are many online resources available to help you figure out what you want from your next step and how to move forward. Refreshing A Career is there to help people looking to switch careers or get back into work no matter what stage of their life they are at. They have resources for a whole range of circumstances, so give their site a browse.

Show That You Can Be Adaptable

We get it; every job posting has a never-ending string of must-have requirements and skills that would put you at an advantage over the competition. If you’re coming out of a period of unemployment or unrelated work, it can seem daunting.

However, it’s always worth taking a step back to think about how the skills you already have could be transferred into the job you’re applying for rather than writing it off because you don’t match the person specification exactly. The chances are that you may already be well on your way towards matching those bullet points even if you haven’t taken that specific course or gained that qualification. Be confident in your cover letter and your interview because the research shows that employers love adaptability!

How To Get Back Into Work After A Period Of Unemployment 1

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