Siblings: Curly’s Quote of the Day!

Today has been a very busy but fun day. Since its half term, Curly has spent the day with me and Baby Bean. We started out by visiting the local soft play centre with some great friends in an effort to wear the children out! So how come after 2 hours charging around like lunatics I felt more like sleeping than they did? Baby Bean slept for all of 1 hour whilst Curly and I challenged each other on Wii Mario Karts – he won! I blame being tired.

Curly and Baby Bean

Once Baby Bean had finished her rather minuscule nap we decided to do a bit of art and crafts, drawing, painting, hand printing, playdoh and generally just making a mess – isn’t that what “crafts” really is? The kids absolutely loved it and I did really well not to obsess too much about the paint and pens which kept finding their way off the paper. Everything cleaned up well in the end!!

Then one of our final activities for the afternoon was a walk in the fresh air. Personally I’ve always found walks with Curly very, mmm, how can I put this? Challenging!!!!! He’s never been a big one on walking and would always much prefer to travel by car but when I was pregnant with Baby Bean and got fed up of his constant moaning on our walks I came up with a cunning plan.

What can boys not resist? A challenge!!! And so it started, I said to Curly “I bet you can’t run to the next lamp post in 10 seconds” – so off he ran and suddenly our walks became much less stressful, in fact, 2 years on and we’re still doing the challenges. I have to admit I don’t actually count EVERY time, I just kind of guess how long it took, sometimes he does it in the time set and sometimes he goes a second or two over but he still loves doing the challenges.

Today though, Baby Bean decided this looked great fun and kept shouting “GO” herself and then running 5 or 6 steps before stopping and clapping to herself.

When we got home from our walk, Curly said to me “Do you know something, I really like Baby Bean!”. I laughed and said, “well that’s handy since she is your sister and that”. He said, “Yeah but even if she wasn’t my sister I’d still like her because she’s really cute and funny and she makes me laugh!”. Well, you can’t get much better than that can you!

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