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Have fun with Nutmeg childrenswear from Morrisons and Kiddicare


A little while ago I told you about our trip to London for the launch of the new Nutmeg Spring/Summer ’14 Collection. Well, we have long been fans of Nutmeg as we are lucky enough to have two stores near to us which stock the Nutmeg range so we have plenty to choose from. With four children to buy clothes for, we need to be careful with our money whilst at the same time trying to keep them looking as nice as possible in practical clothing which isn’t going to stop them from enjoying themselves. I learnt that lesson with Curly and Little Bean, buying ‘posh’ clothes which they could only wear for special events and before we knew it they had grown out of them having only worn them once or twice. Such a waste of money. Nowadays, we buy clothes that they like and that we like which look good but don’t cost the earth so we don’t need to worry if they get spoiled. At the end of the day, childhood is about having fun so it’s important to let them get on and enjoy it.


After attending the Nutmeg event we were sent a range of clothes for Curly and Little Bean to wear, as well as some vouchers to buy further bits for Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean. Now if I was to have one criticism of the Nutmeg clothing it’s that they never seem to have a full range of sizes when I go to the shops and you can bet your life that the clothes I like aren’t in the sizes I need. This is where I would usually turn to ordering clothes online but unfortunately Nutmeg isn’t yet available to buy online.


Last weekend as the sun was shining we decided to pop over to Burghley House in Stamford at around 5pm before they closed the gates so that it was a little quieter. We drove to the bottom of the car park, opened the car doors, turned up the stereo and had lots of fun dancing and fooling around so that I could take some fun shots of the children in their new rags. We had an absolute blast and yes we did get a few odd looks from people walking their dogs but who cares!


Unfortunately the temperature dropped quite quickly so we did have to stop before the children had modelled all of their clothes, I didnt think the photos would look quite so good if they were all a quivering mess but I’m happy with what we did get and I just had to sneak a Camper Van shot in because we love them so much. Obviously Hubby and I are not wearing Nutmeg but we wanted a family shot for the album and as is tradition in our family, we had to have a shot of “the Odd Squad” because we are a perfectly normal family!!


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  1. MumtoC
    April 7, 2014 / 8:32 am

    We must have a trip to one of the stores when we visit next – we don’t have anything in our store at the moment ๐Ÿ™ Love Little Bean’s jacket x

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