Foods and Drinks to Improve Memory

Puzzle games and brain teasers are the most recommended activities to boost brain processes, improve memory and IQ. But despite their brain-training capabilities, none of these activities has a more significant impact on your brain than consuming the correct diet.

Food replenishes the body cells and provides them with the energy to function better. Similarly, the brain heavily relies on nutrients in your menu to function at its best level. Though it forms just 2 per cent of your whole body mass, your brain takes up more than 20 per cent of the vital nutrients. Common brain-boosting elements in food include vitamins C and K, iron, zinc, and folate. All of this information above and below is true for your baby’s development as well – so make sure you provide all the essential and quality nutrients for him or her.

All these are deemed essential, so you can only acquire them by eating the proper diet, and scientific studies have shown that some of these elements can enhance your cognitive function and cerebral alertness. They also inhibit the mental decline associated with age and boost memory. All these culminate in making you a more intelligent individual.

Foods and Drinks to Improve Memory

Foods and Drinks to Improve Memory

Here are the main requirements to include in the primary diet to improve memory and brain function.


This is an obvious pick, but most people still go for hours without drinking any water. This can hinder you from delivering your best in both your physical and mental functions.

The brain mainly comprises water, and a dehydrated one cannot recount events or concentrate on a particular task. To avoid this, stick to the famous rule of thumb requiring an adult to consume at least eight cups daily.

Doing this will keep your brain fully hydrated and happy. As a result, you’ll improve your thinking and memory retention. Besides the brain, regular consumption helps you achieve glowing skin and improves your overall health.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables

This meal category encompasses a wide range of leafy green foods like broccoli, kales, and spinach. Regularly consuming dark and leafy green matter supplies your body with beta-carotene, vitamin C, and other vital antioxidants that put all your body cells in shape. Leafy veggies also provide your brain with lots of folates, which can significantly improve your memory abilities and how you process information.

Extensive studies have been conducted to determine the importance of greens to the brain, and the results have been eye-opening. For example, one such research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that leafy vegetables have sufficient folate to slow down cognitive decline as you grow older. 

Oily Fish

Do you struggle to remember the date or what you consumed during lunch hour? Then, regularly consume this ultimate brain menu. Oily fish contains fatty acids that offer great value to almost every body part. Besides, the brain is among the greatest beneficiaries of omega-3.

Scientific research shows that regular fish consumption enhances cerebral function. One such research conducted in Finland’s University of Kuopio shows that individuals that consume this diet three times every week have a 26% lower risk of cerebral ailments. The findings also state that oily fish can also improve brain parts involved with memory.

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One of the best “pick-me-ups” to ignite your day and shot your brainpower is a nice cup of tea. Just like green vegetables, this great stimulant fills your body with valuable antioxidants that considerably enhance your brain’s neural production.

Numerous scientific studies back these facts. One such research mentions that green tea contains EGCG, a naturally occurring inorganic compound known to lower the risk of degenerative ailments. It can also improve your memory.

To know more about foods with a similar nutrient composition, you can count on researchers at for accurate details.



The list of excellent meals for proper brain function isn’t complete without eggs. Whether you prefer boiling or taking them as an omelette, eggs will supply your cerebrum with chlorine, a vital element known to strengthen overall cerebrum power and limit the loss of memory.

Researchers have found that regular chlorine consumption could improve your score in memory tests. It also reduces the chances of brain changes resulting from dementia. So always ensure you consume

Apart from the adequate supply of chlorine, eggs are nutritious proteins and can aid the growth of tissues.

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  1. I am loving this post as I can use these tips and love these items. I absolutely love leafy greens in my smoothies and I am always enjoying Salmon at least once a week and I do take fish oil as well to increase my good cholesterol levels.

  2. Great post! You know, during my childhood days, my parents and docs would always say that there is a very good amount of vitamin A in the head and brain part of the fish. So the fish head is really good for our eyes and brain! I am a fish and egg lover ?

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