Five Incredibly Useful Tips for Staying Safe During Garden DIY

If we’re being honest, every single one of us has run through our fair share of hobbies during the last few years. From knitting to composting, the list of trial-and-error pastimes never ceased to grow just a little bit longer. Even so, one hobby appears to have prevailed among the rest – gardening. Be it because of our health or the unattainable desire to get out of the house; people are gardening like never before. 

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However, with so many newbies in the garden, accidents are never far behind. To help avoid an unnecessary trip to the E.R., here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when gardening with the family!

Never underestimate your power tools!

When most of us think of gardening, our minds go to flower beds and hammocks in the shade. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to bring out the heavy artillery to get your garden in tip-top shape – after all, that family-friendly deck isn’t going to get built itself. However, with great power (tools) comes great responsibility. You’ll need to be both cautious and respectful of your power tools. 

Although you may have been using them for a while, never handle them with overconfidence – that’s exactly when accidents occur! In short, always use them with purpose and store them adequately. Just because the chainsaw isn’t on doesn’t mean you can’t trip over it and get seriously injured!

It’s also important to keep these tools well-maintained so that you can do all the jobs from a safe distance. You can easily find sprayer gun parts here and upgrade your garden tool. Remember, the more tools you have in your arsenal, the less likely you are to make mistakes. Create a list of tools and materials you need for every project and cross-check it before starting.

Make your garden a mess-free space

Staying Safe During Garden DIY
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While dirt is unavoidable in gardening, chaos is not. Keeping your workspace clean is a sure way of nipping potential accidents in the bud. This means leaving power tools in their rightful place and keeping the kids away from construction zones in the backyard. Sometimes, it may even be best to lock the backyard until all the work has been done and the tools safely put away. 

This way, you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder for little curious feet stomping around the yard. On top of that, a clean workspace keeps your renovation plans on track and dramatically shortens clean-up time at the end of the day!

Dress for success!

Adequately handling tools is the first step to avoiding gardening disasters. However, even the most well-operated machinery can turn into your worst enemy without the right safetywear, clothing and footwear included. Regardless of the weather, never think that it’s a good idea to mow the lawn in flip-flops or soft sandals. The hot weather is not an excuse to avoid basic safety protocols. Thus, before getting the mown lower out of the shed, make sure to grab a pair of steel-capped boots as well! 

Aside from the right footwear, another safety essential is hard gloves – both with and without power tools in the picture. The last item on the list is safety goggles or glasses. They’re a true must-have any time a strimmer is in the picture. After all, you never know when a chipped piece of stone might decide to attack!

Don’t forget to take a break!

Staying Safe During Garden DIY
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Even though you may feel all-powerful while working in the garden, think twice. Each of us needs to take a breather every once in a while, especially when taking on DIY projects in the yard. The most common and easily avoidable side effect of working in the garden for too long is the ever-present case of sunstroke. Thus, to avoid unnecessary health issues, just leave the lawn mower aside and step into the shade. Once you’re feeling refreshed, the work will be done in half the time!

Have a game plan and stick to it!

Without a doubt, the safety suggestions above are a must-have to keep in mind while gardening. However, all the tips in the world mean little without a decent game plan. In other words, before you start digging and cutting everything in sight, create a loose first draft of everything you have in store for the yard. 

Although it may seem irrelevant, setting a plan in place will work wonders for your renovations further down the road. As you move from phase to phase, you’ll be able to lay out more detailed instructions that will help you stay on course. As a bonus, even a first draft will help you determine when it’s time to start planning the barbeque in your sun-soaked summer garden.

Wrapping up

We’ve covered everything from power tools and safetywear to game plans and scheduling, and this can only mean one thing – it’s time to start gardening. Thus, with a plan (or at least a draft) in place, it’s time to get a move on those grand summer renovations. Just don’t forget to grab a pair of safety goggles on your way out! 

Written by Lana Hawkins

Five Incredibly Useful Tips for Staying Safe During Garden DIY 1

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