How to get your children involved with gardening

Learning what to get your children involved with gardening can be a super fun process! The more outdoor activities that you can think to do with the kids, the more fun that they’re going to want to have!

Gardening is a great way to teach them how to make food but also help to encourage them to spend time outside and away from screens and distractions.

How to get your children involved with gardening

Here are some simple ways that you can add excitement to the day when it comes to your kids helping start and be a part of the garden.

How to get your children involved with gardening

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Simple actions can be the perfect way to get them excited!

Create a fun space with fun lights

The garden area can be a great space to get the kids excited and ready to help. All you need are some outdoor string lights that you can drape around the area. This will give them that fun feels and look and even show them that they can garden even when it’s dark outside.

Have them choose what to plant

If you want to get the kids excited about planting a garden, have them be a part of it. Let them choose the seeds and the plants that they want, and then have them plant them once the time comes. This is a totally simple way that you can easily get them active and involved.

A fun way to find things to plant in the garden is to look at seed options online or at the local greenhouse. This way, they can visually see what they want to plant and hope to grow and then choose the options that they’re going to do.

Give them a shovel to dig the garden

All kids love to play in the dirt. This means that you can easily have them create a small garden space by asking them to dig some holes. The more that they can dig in the dirt and have some messy play fun, the more that they’re going to want to keep doing that!

It’s also important to note that starting a garden doesn’t even mean that they have to be digging in the ground. They can easily use a pot or a planter and create a super small space, too. Where there is the want for gardening, there are many different ways to make it happen!

Purchase their own gardening toolset

How to get your children involved with gardening

Even though we’re constantly teaching kids to share, sometimes it’s nice to have our own things that we don’t have to share. Get them their own toolsets that they can use in the garden so that they have pride and want to be a part of gardening.

You can choose fun patterns and colours on the toolsets to make them really unique as well. This will also teach them the importance of putting up the tools at the end of the day so that they keep them nice, too.

Schedule times throughout the day to check on the garden

Part of planting a garden is checking in to make sure that it’s good to go and growing. Schedule certain times throughout the day for the kids to go outside and look at the garden area.

This is a great way to teach them responsibility and also hold them accountable for sticking with the garden as well. The times that you check on the garden don’t have to be anything over the top. They can be as simple as heading out the door and just putting eyes on the plants or scheduling out some time to pull the weeds and more.

When the kids can start to realize that they need to be monitoring the plants and flowers in the garden, you then know that they realize that gardening takes work!

Have them make a goal

Planting a garden is fun and all, but what really is the purpose? While the kids are sitting and wanting to help, ask them what they’re hoping to get out of it. Do they want a space that is full of beautiful flowers, or are they hoping that they can grow some vegetables that they can run out and eat? All are great options and are a fun way to get them involved in the gardening process.

The best part about gardening is that you can get the kids involved in the entire process from start to finish. This can be a great way to learn together, grow things together, and even sit around the table and enjoy eating the things that you’ve grown.

Gardening can be a wonderful family activity or a way to have the kids showcase their green thumbs. Give them the tools that they need to thrive and watch them do their magic!

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