Finding simple loft conversion inspiration . . .

We bought our house off-plan back in 2010 when we only had Curly and Little Bean with Beanie Boy cooking in my tummy. At that time we thought we would stop our family at three children so a four-bedroom home would be ample size for us. We moved in two weeks before BB made his entrance into the world and couldn’t have been happier with our family home.

Loft conversion inspiration

Fast forward a few years and we made the decision to have ‘just one more’ baby, only to find out a week later we were already six weeks pregnant with our cheeky little monkey JB. We had already decided that we would find out the gender of baby number four so that we could plan who would sleep where in the house, another girl and LB would be sharing with her in the biggest bedroom, another boy and BB would be sharing with baby in the biggest bedroom.

For now, the rooms work ok, although we have had the odd moan and grumble from the boys about sharing and Curly wishes he could have a bigger room, as do we. He needs more space within the home but with him only being here a few nights each week, it wasn’t fair to leave the next biggest room sitting empty from week to week with LB squashed into the smallest room.

We have recently been looking for loft conversion inspiration as we think it could be a good idea to convert our loft space into two double bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bathroom so Curly and Beanie Boy would probably go up there (better for boys to share a bathroom) and then Curly’s current room would become the stairwell to the third floor. We think this room would then be turned into a library/reading area as it wouldn’t really be big enough for very much else.

We didn’t realise just how much was involved in a loft conversion, all of our ground floor doors would have to be changed to fire doors to allow the top floor occupants enough time to get downstairs in the event of a fire. We were also surprised to learn that we wouldn’t have to have the fully finished conversion with the builder and could do much of the ‘finish’ ourselves to save on costs. I guess it depends on how much work we feel like doing ourselves?!

In the long run, if you are happy with your house (as we are) doing a loft conversion can save you money on moving house because you are not losing money on Agency and Legal fees, all of the money is going back into the house and will, of course, add value too. Our house is an ‘L’ shape so we have considered the slopes of the roof to give headroom in the conversion and have been looking online for loft conversion inspiration to make sure we get the design that’s right for us. It’s an exciting possibility but it’s one which we need to plan well before we get started.

Have you ever done or considered a loft conversion?

20 thoughts on “Finding simple loft conversion inspiration . . .”

  1. We do not need a loft conversion but I do think they are such a great idea as like you said can save money, I did not know about the fire doors though and it is good you can finish it off yourselves x

  2. When I was younger we had a loft conversion and my sister slept there. However, it was never a full conversion as it was accessed by a ladder not permanent stairs. I think the regulations must have changed as overnight my sister had to leave her bedroom and share mine. I was NOT impressed at the time but thinking back on it I shudder at how dangerous a house fire would have been with only a ladder for access or the loft window.

  3. We could do with an extra room too – 3 kids, 3 bedrooms – means the youngest is in with us as the age gaps are too big to share. Maybe one day we will fit in a fourth bedroom somewhere!

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