Festive Season Shapewear for the Yummy Mummy


Ladies, it is that time of year again to send the kids ‘wish list’ to Santa, decorate the tree and put on our favourite party dresses to celebrate the festive season with our friends and family. However, for the majority of us ladies, Christmas is also about pure indulgence. A cup of mulled wine, a freshly baked mince pie and clotted cream or a large helping of that yummy Christmas turkey, the festive season can leave us feeling a little self-conscious of our figures.

However, seeing as it is the season of good will (and to stop us from feeling guilty when reaching for that 6th mince pie of the day), Playtex have designed a fabulous range of festive season shape wear to smooth and sculpt of womanly curves and create our perfect figure for those all-important parties.

Slim, sculpt and smooth your shape with Playtex Shapewear


Playtex Pure Control Shapewear have cunningly created a range of shapewear to make women feel slimmer, confident and even a dress size smaller.

Practically invisible under any clothing, our three-step flat zig zag stiching ensures invisibility and the silicone waistband guarantees it stays in place. This magnificent range of shapewear combines comfort and smart design with the slimming technology, Powernet lining, to ensure strong support and gathering to provide shapely contours.

The Playtex Pure Control range offers varying options of high-level support for the tummy, bottom and thigh areas.


Pure Control Maxi


This is the perfect choice for an instantly slimming effect on the tummy, bottom and hips. With satin-like fabric and strong all over elastic.

Pure Control Waist-liner

The silicone waistband and three-step zig-zag stitching on the Pure Control Waistliner ensure hip and tummy areas are flattened to give a noticeably slimmer silhouette.

Pure Control High Waist Long Leg


For the dream package in control underwear, the High Waist Long Leg tackles all three-problem areas in one, combining satin-like fabric with silicone waistband and three-step zig-zag stitching.

Available in both black and skin tones the Pure Control range means looking amazing has never been more comfortable. Playtex Pure Control is available now in all good lingerie stores, independent retailers and online.


DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.

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