Family Fun Handprint Artwork

I wanted to share this picture with you, as it is something which I am extremely proud of. As a family, we started this picture  4 years ago when Curly was just 4 years old. We needed something for the wall of our newly fitted bathroom and decided to create our own using a blank canvas and a handful of leftover tester pots of paint. When we moved house and had a clear out we couldn’t bear to put it away in a box so it took pride of place in the bathroom again.

More hands make more fun

Of course, since then our family has changed and grown somewhat. So yesterday we decided to add some new pink hands in the form of Baby Beans’ little handprint!

We’ve had to wait until now because she hasn’t been keen on getting her hands dirty but with a little persuasion from Curly yesterday, we finally did it. She is so proud of it she keeps walking into the bathroom, pointing at the picture and shouting “hands” then clapping to herself!

Space for more hands?

I can’t ever see this picture coming down from our walls, we will always find a home for it because it means so much more than just ‘a picture’ – it is a captured moment in time – and of course, there’s still space for at least one more pair of little hands!

And then some . . .

Who’d have thought that years later this fun handprint artwork would still be on our bathroom wall? Regular readers will, of course, know that we didn’t stop at adding just one more pair of hands but two, thanks to our beautiful little boys. Now our family fun handprint artwork is finally complete and will be treasured forever.

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