And the award for the Best Hubby/Daddy goes to . . .

Mr Mummy Matters, aka Simon, aka Daddy!!

Best Hubby

Over the last couple of weeks and after many, many conversations with other Mummies and friends, I have discovered something which actually I have always known but most definitely not acknowledged out loud for a while and more importantly not to him – my Husband is wonderful, truly the best!!

So why do I nominate and present this award to my man? My Hubby works full-time – like most – he does a very stressful, demanding job. Each night before he goes to bed he sorts out his work clothes and puts them in the spare room so that when he wakes up at 7.00 am he is able to jump in the shower and get ready quietly out of my earshot so that I can carry on sleeping.

He takes the baby monitor with him just in case Baby Bean wakes early so he can see to her until he goes to work which is when he drops her on our bed to wake me up (though this is a rarity because she is just like her Mummy and loves her sleep, we both tend to wake around 8.30 am!).

Every evening he comes home from work at a decent time and entertains Baby Bean for the next hour until bath time. He does all her baths and bed routines AND stays up to give her last bottle (which she still has – long story) at 11.00 pm so that I can go to bed a bit earlier (like I said – I like sleep!).

When he has put Baby Bean to bed he then comes back downstairs and cooks the tea most evenings – I do 2 or 3 but he definitely does the majority of the cooking.

Then at a weekend he gets up with Baby Bean and Curly so that I can sleep in.

I know that most days I take this for granted, not on purpose but I rarely remember to actually say to him how much I appreciate what he does for me and our family. He is such a caring and giving man and a very loving and most of all as far as the kids are concerned, FUN DADDY!! He never complains, he just gets on with it.

Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, he is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination – he still leaves dirty cups/plates around the house, washes the whites with one red or black sock and probably lots of other stuff but I don’t want to spoil his award. So I shall just finish by saying I AM SO LUCKY!! And I love you very much Hubby!! xxx

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