Add Classy Elegance to your Bathroom with a Luxury Wall Mounted Faucet

Luxury wall mounted faucets (or taps as I prefer to call them) can provide your bathroom with a true sense of classy elegance. But before committing to the purchase of a wall-mounted faucet, you first need to consider the way in which your bathroom is used, and who typically uses it. Pay particular attention to whether or not the faucets feel comfortable to use.

How to choose the best Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall mounted faucets

When it comes to selecting the best wall mounted faucet to suit your requirements, you definitely have to think about the functionality of the component, and whether your bathroom requires the installation of just one or a pair of faucets. You may have different considerations if looking at a wall mount kitchen faucet.

In addition to this, you’ll have to think about which kind of finish matches the décor in your bathroom. Chrome, nickel, brass, stainless steel and antique bronze represent examples of some of the most popular finishes on the market.


With regards to sinks, the most ideal candidates to accompany wall-mounted faucets come in the form of vessel, wall mount and under-counter sinks. It is imperative during the installation of wall-mounted faucets to ensure that they are easily accessible over the sink’s edge. No matter what the nuances of their positioning, wall-mounted faucets should always offer a superior delivery of water in comparison with their counterparts. Their versatility is exemplified by their ability to be fit at different heights.

Sleek Elegance

As mentioned earlier, wall-mounted faucets can definitely offer an element of sleek elegance to your bathroom and maximize space by giving your countertops a clean and uncluttered appearance. There are a wide variety of different styles to select from, each sporting an attractive, minimalistic look that will enhance any bathroom. Another viable option is to choose fixtures that match up with an antique sink without pre-drilled holes.

If you’re looking to secure a more contemporary style of wall mounted faucets though, it is well worth considering the type that appear simply as spouts emerging from the wall. This sort of wall mounted faucet features a small single handle control located on the side of the faucet.

Bathroom design

Before deciding on this type though, you’ll first need to make sure that its spigot can comfortably reach the middle section of the sink, and therefore above the drain within it as well. It is vital that you get this right, as the improper positioning and installation of your faucet would lead to excess water splashing out, and an unpleasant pool of water on your bathroom floor and countertop.

Making the right choice

Ultimately, when searching for the right wall mount faucet to suit your exact needs and preferences, there are a plethora of factors to consider. How the faucet will be used, who it will be used by, its inherent functionality and the component’s finish are just some elements to think about. Provided you make the right decision, your newly installed wall-mounted faucet will leave you feeling good about entering your own bathroom space.

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