Doodle Placemat Set from eatsleepdoodle

Some of the best products are those which come about ‘as if by chance’ and before you know it, it’s as though they were there all along and that’s exactly how it is with eatsleepdoodle. The customisable textile products which kids and adults love.

About eatsleepdoodle

Eat Sleep Doodle Notebook Bedding

In 2012 the eatsleepdoodle duvet was born. The idea started with a simple thought “wouldn’t it be fun to jot down notes and inspiration on your duvet”. To a Mum like me, this would have been my worst nightmare, I’m proud to say that I have made it thus far on my parenting journey with only one incident where one of my children drew on the walls, furniture and photo frames with a black dry wipe pen (ALBIE!!!!).

With eatsleepdoodle, creative youngsters are actively invited to draw on their duvets, stationery and other textile products with special wash-out pens. The textiles can be washed, removing all the colours and a blank canvas for the children to be creative all over again because budding artists should be nurtured.

Doodle Frame Placemat (Set of 4)

Eat Sleep Doodle Frame Placemats

We were asked if the children would like to review something from the eatsleepdoodle range so we chose the Doodle Frame Placemats. I wanted something which would appeal to all of the children. The Beans are all very different in their tastes, each of them has their own creative streak so I figured the Doodle Frame Placemats would be the perfect product to let their imagination run free.

Eat Sleep Doodle Placemats

The Doodle Frame Placemats[/easyazon_link] can be used to keep the children entertained whilst waiting for their tea or as part of a fun game with friends. When you are ready to start afresh just pop the placemats in the washing machine and the ink will completely disappear.

Bedding, Bags, Butterflies and More

Eat Sleep Doodle Gifts

At eatsleepdoodle they have a wide range of products which are sure to put a smile on your child’s face. Their main designs cover butterflies, dinosaurs and world maps across a range of great products. My personal favourites are the bedding and tablecloths. They also do some fun stationery items including pencil cases, kit bags and aprons.

One genius product is the Doodle Placemat to Go which includes a pack of ten wash-out pens, a Doodle Plate Setting placemat all in its own little tote bag which can also be coloured. When you get home you can pop it in the washing machine and it will be good to go ready for your next meal out.

eatsleepdoodle frame placemats


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