Modern mums still bearing the brunt of household chores

Over two thirds solely responsible for domestic duties, and 78% embarrassed to welcome guests to an untidy house

I’ll second that – I hate it when people visit and my home is a mess but I am coming around to the idea that I am NOT superwoman and there is only so much I can do in a day. All that said, I am actually very lucky as most of the time the Beans are quite willing to help to do the odd chore if I ask them and they aren’t too tired. If they are tired then I have no chance at all. As for Hubby, I am extremely lucky in that my Hubby is very helpful around the house, we go through phases with the cooking but at the moment he is the main chef again. The rest of the housework we both get stuck into equally depending on what needs doing so you won’t find any complaints here but that isn’t the case in every household as Panasonic have discovered . . .

Despite busy careers and hectic social lives, modern mums are still feeling the pressure to maintain an immaculate home. The Panasonic Domestic Report 2014 reveals a huge 78% are too embarrassed to have visitors when the house is untidy, while over half admit they judge others on the cleanliness of their homes. Almost two thirds say they wish they could clean more, but simply struggle to find hours in the day.

It seems females are taking it upon themselves to keep up appearances, as over two thirds say they are mainly responsible for all household chores, such as vacuuming, ironing and laundry. Although men do have a domestic side, with over half considering cooking a pleasure, it seems they’re desperate to opt out wherever possible. Over a third never clean because their partner takes care of it, and 60% admit they iron less than once a week or not at all.

50% of those living with a partner or spouse say team work is the answer, as they’re happy to clean as long as they’re given a helping hand by their other half. Even those who seek help by employing a cleaner are not exempt from the pressure of keeping on top of the dreaded chores. Over 75% of those who have one admitted they clean before the cleaner arrives, to avoid revealing how untidy they are. As a nation, this amounts to over a whopping £30million wasted on employing cleaners per year, when we often take care of the job ourselves.

Aggie MacKenzie

TV’s housekeeping expert Aggie MacKenzie said: “Although it’s fantastic that modern mums are taking such pride in their houses, it’s such a shame they’re struggling to find time to spend on maintaining their own high standards. It seems they are crying out for some quick, easy ways to save time and effort on getting their houses looking spick and span.”

Aggie MacKenzie, has put together her top tips on saving time and effort on housework.

Get by with a little help from your friends

46% of us said we enjoy cleaning when other people help, so get your partner or housemates to pick up the vacuum and get involved! Asking everyone to pitch in and do their bit not only saves time as there’s more than one of you, but also boosts your motivation with a bit of good old British team spirit (and will stop any resentment you might be harbouring!).

Let your washing machine do the work for you

Washing machine technology available these days can save huge amounts of time and effort on your laundry. If the interior of your existing machine has become a bit smelly (caused by too many low-temperature washes), try running it empty on a hot-wash programme with a cup of clear vinegar. This will also deal with soap scum and limescale, and stop mildew piling up inside. When you come to replace your machine, try a model with a steam function – the release of powerful steam particles in the washing cycle reduces wrinkles and removes folds and tangles, making ironing a breeze.

Combine household duties with a workout

Did you know that vacuuming for 30 minutes burns around 90 calories, the equivalent of those two Jaffa Cakes you had when you got in from work? Many of us find it tricky making time for exercise, so why not skip the gym (as if you needed an excuse!) and opt for a free workout at home, keeping your house spick and span at the same time. Put on your favourite music, set your stopwatch for an hour, and race yourself to a sparkling finish!

Make sure your iron is in top working order

Using an iron that’s past its best can double the amount of time you take to do the job…not to mention make you want to tear your hair out! To remove any excess limescale on an older iron (which will block the steam holes), heat your iron, then unplug and leave to cool a little. Fill the reservoir with a solution of 50:50 clear vinegar and water, leave for an hour or so, then empty and rinse out a few times with clean water. If you’re thinking of buying a new model, a self-cleaning iron will keep the appliance easy to maintain, and is fantastic at helping you get the job done in a jiffy.

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How is the work split in your household?


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