Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand

You never know when the urge to start crafting is going to happen. This is why you have to keep quite a few crafting supplies on hand so that you can be easily prepared when it does strike. Keep in mind that all of these supplies can actually be used for many other activities as well so these are a great investment that certainly won’t go to waste.

Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand
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When it comes to being crafty, it can be hard to find the supplies that you need, when that crafting need strikes. This is why I think it’s so important to keep stock in your house of a few key crafting items that you can easily use for a wide variety of crafting needs. Because once the creative bugs bite, you just might not be able to stop. 

And when you have a house full of craft items why would you need to? You can easily use these items for great gift ideas, fun decorations, and more! When you let your imagination run wild, the options are truly endless in what you can do.

Here are a few crafting supplies that you should keep stocked in your home for later.

Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand

This is just a shortened version as well so don’t be afraid to add more items to this list.


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Ribbons are a must. Big ribbons, skinny ribbons, long ribbons, short ribbons – you name it, you got to have it. The best part about ribbons is that they can be tied, glued, rolled, cut, sewn, and just about anything else. You can literally use ribbon in any project that goes along with your creativity. 

You can even order a custom ribbon and have it on hand with words or fun pictures on it, too. This is super helpful if you have a fun logo that you like to use to identify yourself when you’re making something homemade. 

The other great thing about having plenty of ribbon on hand is that you can choose a ribbon that comes in different colours. You can literally create a rainbow using ribbons that look great and will be very sturdy as well. 


Let’s be real. Without scissors, most crafts and projects would just be dead in the water, right? I highly recommend that you actually have several pairs of scissors on hand because it never fails that you’re going to lose one or two. Who knows where they go…it’s just a fact of the crafting world. 


Glue is literally what holds everything together. And you might need to venture out and have a lot of different types of clues on hand, too. Think Elmer’s glue, wood glue, super glue, and even hot glue for your hot glue gun also. The more glue, the more situations that you’ll be able to hold together! 


Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand

You can also have crayons, coloured pencils, paint, and anything else that can create various colours. The choice is up to you. But when it comes to having great supplies in your home that won’t stifle your creativity, markers or other items such as this are always a hit. 

As you can see, these items are at the top of my crafting list. And when I know that I have all of these items in stock at my house, I feel a lot better because I know that I can do so many fun activities and projects without feeling as though I don’t have the supplies that I need.

If you’re a crafter or something who likes to do DIY projects, you need to be certain that you have these items on hand! 

Crafting Supplies To Always Have On Hand 1

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