Cleen – the App for you to review washroom facilities

Unless you have a bladder made of steel then chances are when you leave the house, you’re going to have to use a public washroom at some point during your day so it pays to know where the best ones are. This for me became even more prevalent when I became a Mum and needed to find clean baby changing facilities. I only wish I had discovered the Cleen app earlier. I spotted it a few weeks ago whilst looking for a phone cleaning app and have looked into how great it would be for us parents on the go.

Introducing Cleen App

Cleen App

How often have you visited a washroom only to find it in less than the satisfactory condition? Things get worse when you report it to a member of staff only to be met with a glazed look because they deem it not to be part of their remit? With the Cleen App on your smartphone, you are able to report the issues straight away – you can comment on the state of the washroom; poor baby changing facilities, inadequate disabled access or something which is broken and needs fixing or you could give them a glowing score to give credit where credit is due.

Find the best facilities fast

When my Beans were babies I had to keep a mental note in my head of all the best baby changing facilities so that when I needed to deal with a nappy explosion fast, I knew exactly where I was heading. With the Cleen app it will register your location and at a glance, you can see the best-rated washroom facilities in the vicinity. Of course, it’s not all about the baby changing facilities, the Cleen app will help you find the washroom to suit your needs.

Quick and simple to use

Nobody wants to stop and write an essay so the creators of Cleen have made the app very quick and simple to report your findings. Just tap to select the issues you wish to report, leave further feedback if you wish and there’s even a facility to add images to support your findings.

Good news for business owners

The Cleen app works with all businesses on Google so you should easily be able to find and leave your report for the washroom you have visited. The good news for business owners is that any issues reported will be flagged up immediately on their Cleen dashboard so that they can be dealt with immediately. For service providers such as facilities managers and washroom management companies, they will be able to act quickly to improve their client retention rate and improve their business ratings going forwards.

The best bit

The app is free to download and is available on Android and Apple so you can get started on using it straight away and never have to be caught short in a dirty washroom ever again.

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