Chase The Winter Blues In Kids With These Positive Habits

Now that the summers are off to say goodbye, all we are left with are beautiful memories of the time spent outdoors. With the sparkling sunshine and warmth, everything in life seems a little brighter, especially for our children. These vacations are core memories for them, building the life experiences they will look back at fondly once they grow up. However, for now, we have an incoming challenge that almost all parents are familiar with.

Winter Blues

Winter blues are not uncommon among children and adults, but how we respond to them is worlds apart. Since children cannot understand the human psyche and why seasonal depression exists, you can’t rationalize it with them, can you? Instead, you can empathize with their experiences. Here are five ways to help the tiny tots navigate winters well.

1. Create a fun ritual they look forward to

There are several things you can help your children with during the winter. If they struggle to wake up in the morning, create a happy dance and motivational pep talk! The ideas are endless!

2. Make family time more fun

Chase The Winter Blues In Kids With These Positive Habits 1

Spend some time with your family to help them make happier winter memories. As we know, the festive season is just a few months away, so you can start your preparations early by helping them look forward to it. Set the mood with nice movies, game nights, and music to keep their minds occupied.

3. Teach them how to pray

Praying with your kids is a good way to establish guardian energy around them. When they feel cold and sad, help them reach out to God. Whether you pray before and after meals, at bedtime, or whenever you need it, the intention matters most. Seek the help of holy people like the Wyoming Carmelites if you need some focused prayers for your child’s wellbeing. The blessings from a collective ceremony are much more powerful as it takes a village to raise one child!

4. Walk in the sunshine

Chase The Winter Blues In Kids With These Positive Habits 2

The sunshine we receive in winter is limited, but you can still grab a few hours of it. Whenever you get the chance, take your kid’s pout to the patio or garden to get some light on their faces. This will also help them regulate their moods better. Sunlight helps with blood and hormonal circulation, so watch your little sunflowers bloom!

5. Make time for your child’s love language

We have a different love language, and so do children. Once you figure out what your child needs the most from you, spend some time dedicated to nurturing it. The more they receive, the more they give. This will also help them feel secure attachment, leading to healthy adulthood experiences.

Final Word

While they won’t always remember how the winters made them feel a deep sense of sadness they can’t explain, they will remember the things you did for them. By following these tips, you can bond with your child further, making healthier connections that they can lean on. We hope you enjoyed this blog; stay tuned for more winter care tips!

Chase The Winter Blues In Kids With These Positive Habits 3

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