Charity Shop bargains and how to find them

My Mum is the queen of bargain hunting in Charity Shops, she knows exactly where to look and what to look for. At one point I would say to her “ooh you look nice, where did you get that top/dress/coat” but I have learnt to stop asking because the answer is often “charity shop”. She wears all the best labels and nothing EVER looks like it has been worn before, or if it has I think the person stood in a glass cabinet for the entire day!

Magpas Charity Shop

Last week whilst shopping in Peterborough I spotted the Magpas Charity Shop located at 1 Cathedral Square which makes for the most gorgeous charity shop. I asked them and my Mum for a few tips on how to find the best bargains in a charity shop so that I could share them with you;

Make friends with the staff

Charity Shop

The more you get to know the staff, the more they get to know what you like so will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If you’re really lucky they might even keep back something if they know it’s just ‘what you’re looking for‘.

Try it on!

Magpas Charity Shop

Since most items won’t be straight off the rail they might have been stretched, shrunk, washed and worn so the fit might have changed from when they were first intended for sale. Make use of the charity shop changing rooms and try things on to be sure of a good fit.

Shop unisex

Magpas Charity Shop

If you shop gender neutral then you might do this anyway but what I mean is, check all rails in the shop because customers might not be as vigilant as the staff at putting items back on the rails when they change their mind on an item. The staff will obviously do their best to keep things in their rightful place but you might just find your dream garment lurking where you least expect it.

Find Vintage Gifts

Magpas Charity Shop

More and more people are turning to vintage for their wardrobe and their homes so when looking for the perfect gift, don’t be afraid to check out your local charity shop for that perfect little gem to gain ultimate brownie points. Remember you want to find something which screams ‘vintage’ not ‘charity shop’ so choose wisely.

Think outside the box

Magpas Charity Shop

The really great finds at the charity shop are those which stand out from the crowd, that perfectly patterned shirt or tailored dress. Something a little individual that you won’t find on every high street corner.

Take your time

You can’t just walk into a charity shop and expect to have a quick scan to find exactly what you are looking for. Set yourself some decent time aside to carefully look through the rails to see what’s on offer.

Do you shop in charity shops? What are your top tips??


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