Why You Need a Boiler Technician

We’re over the worst of the winter now (probably…) and you might find that you’re not as dependent on your heating as you were a few weeks ago. Spring is around the corner and so next month will be the ideal time to get your boiler serviced after its long stint.

Repair Man

Why you need a service

Ideally, you should have your boiler serviced twice a year. If you can only afford it once a year then you should do it in September before autumn really kicks in. If you can run to twice a year, then spring, when you wind the boiler down, is the best time for the second check-over.

Usually your service will last for an hour and you should pay around £100. Your technician will check that your boiler and all its controls, burners and its flue are working properly and that it meets all the safety regulations. He should also clean it and give it a test run.

He’ll also look at the oil tank and the supply pipes to check for leaks, water ingress and other contamination.

Use a fully-qualified technician

It’s best to choose an OFTEC-registered techie as they’re fully-qualified and they meet the highest industry standards. They can also give you a report to say how well your boiler is working and if there are any potential problems that you’ll need to look out for over the next year.

Why is an annual check so important?

It gives you peace of mind


You don’t think about your heating system very often. You get your order of heating fuel in from Emooil.com and then forget about it for the winter. Unless it all stops working, that is. As we all know, boilers like to break down during the coldest times of the year – it’s the law!

Forgetting about it can cover up underlying problems, though. These problems don’t actually develop overnight, it’s just that when there’s a sudden large demand on the boiler, any weakness can lead to a breakdown.

If your technician spots any slight problems and solves them, you could be saving yourself an expensive headache. If you have a sudden breakdown and need an emergency call-out when there’s severe frost, you’ll wish you’d paid for that routine service.

Checks keep you safe

Oil-fired boilers are very safe, but any appliance that burns fuel has the potential to leak carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide results from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons and this odourless, colourless gas can cause headaches, nausea, exhaustion and, in the worst cases, death. Some people feel “off” for months without realising the cause, so a simple service can identify this problem, keeping you safe and healthy.

Your boiler will be more efficient

Your technician will make sure your boiler’s working to its best capacity, which will help it to work for longer and also lower your fuel consumption. Your oil orders will last longer and you’ll be warmer – what’s not to love?

You’ll get professional advice

A professional technician doesn’t just do safety checks, he can tell you if and when you need to upgrade your boiler, as well as what sort of system will suit you the most. It’s not a small decision, so you need to talk to someone knowledgeable and trustworthy.



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