Can what you eat in pregnancy affect how your child will eat? 1

Can what you eat in pregnancy affect how your child will eat?

Its not a secret that eating and mealtimes with my children is the Bain of my life. I hate mealtimes and sadly they are getting worse. Little Bean is dropping more and more foods off her list of acceptable foods. Today for lunch whilst on a shopping trip to Ikea she ate three chips and one biscuit.

As we ride home in the car my mind is whirring and it keeps coming back to what each of the Beans prefers to eat and how they directly relate to what I ate in pregnancy. Could they be linked or is it just a strange coincidence?!?!

Fussy EaterLittle Bean

My pregnancy with Little Bean was plagued with heartburn and acid indigestion so I craved cold milk and thick milkshakes. I drank them every single day.

I also had big cravings for chocolate and cakes, so naturally being my first pregnancy and not quite understand just how much of my weight gain was food and how much was baby, I indulged myself (and regretted it later).

Fast forward to Little Bean weaning and we have a little girl whose diet pretty much consists of milk, yoghurts, chocolate and cake.

DSC04122Beanie Boy

When pregnant with Beanie Boy I made the decision not to make the same mistake again with milkshakes and chocolate. When the heartburn and acid indigestion returned I turned to herbal teas. I ate more fruit and vegetables, more meat and a generally healthier diet.

Beanie Boy by the same token LOVES fruit and meat. He isn’t a fan of cakes unless they are bread based, he is happy to try new foods and overall prefers a more savoury diet. He likes chocolate but on the whole prefers strawberries and strawberry flavoured treats.

Jelly BeanJelly Bean

My final pregnancy with Jelly Bean was perhaps my most healthy pregnancy by far. I had not long started a health kick, eating better amd attending the gym so I wanted to keep it up as best as I could. Unfortunately due to ankle and knee pain I had to stop going to the gym but I kept up my healthy eating and felt better for it.

Jelly Bean is my best eater, he loves just about everything and will happily try most food if it is on my plate. He isn’t so good at trying new foods when Little Bean is around as she pulls faces and tells him he wont like it.

Like I say, it could just be a big coincidence but I think there has to be something in it. What do you think?


  • Marie Sampson

    September 8, 2015 at 7:14 am

    Hmmm, your account gives pretty strong evidence for the theory however with my eldest I too suffered heart burn and ate everything I could get my hands on esp sweet foods. Although she is a good eater she is a slow eater and is not a big fan of desserts, chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks. With Alyssa I hardly ate at all, only gaining 10lb all pregnancy, she has a very healthy appetite but craves sweet foods and fizzy pop! Interesting also I could not eat poultry or banana’s with either of my girls (in fact Eating a banana and being sick is what made me suspicious i was pregnant with Alyssa). Elizabeth hates Chicken and it is Alyssa’s favourite meat and Banana’s is one of the few fruit they both will eat!

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