Sacrewell Farm Camping – Day 1

Last Sunday we awoke to a steaming hot day which in some ways is exactly what you want when you are heading off on holiday but to some degree we were a little put off that we would be having to pitch a tent in such heat. The Beans were very excited as this was to be their very first camping trip (if you don’t count Little Bean’s first forray into camping when she was just 15 months old).


Hubby came along to help us pitch the tent and bring along the extra kit which didn’t fit into my car. It’s hard to believe that the last time we had camped was in 2009 but secretly I was very excited too, especially once the tent was up. We have a Vango 600 Diablo and I absolutely LOVE it, there’s loads of space inside, two bedrooms, a kitchen, living area and it even has a back door. I also love that the ground sheet is integrated so creepy crawlies have to work extra hard to get inside.

Once the tent was set up and we had waved goodbye to Daddy, Mum and I took the Beans to explore Sacrewell Farm and to meet some of the animals who we would be seeing during our stay. The Beans LOVE sheeps and goats and there were plenty for them to see.


After a play in the park it was time to return to the tent for tea and to get a very tired Jelly Bean to bed. Beanie Boy had developed his first crop of Chicken Pox the day before we came away so I had to spend time covering his spots with Virasoothe (which was brilliant) and then Little Bean, Beanie Boy and I had fun playing Connect 4 and Hungry Hippos before we tucked them into bed too.


Once the Beans were all in bed, Mum and I enjoyed a beer or two and watched the night sky turn from blue to pink to indigo before turning in for the night ourselves.

Have you been camping with children before? What are your recommendations for a stress-free camping trip?


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4 thoughts on “Sacrewell Farm Camping – Day 1”

  1. My tip: Plan to do little each day & let the days evolve. But always have plenty of snacks & drinks & all that’s needed to get dinner done in 20 mins. Then you’ll have a ball.


    • That’s a great tip thank you Monika. That is exactly what we did on the Monday and the Friday and I think they were the days that I enjoyed the most as they just seemed to last forever. It was amazing how much we managed to fit in during our days. I love that there was no clock in our tent (other than our wrist watches) as I didn’t feel we were bound by anything other than our own bodies.

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