“But Mummy he’s smoking . . .”

Yesterday afternoon as we were walking back to the car following Little Bean’s First School Christmas Production, Little Bean and Beanie Boy were busy concentrating on eating their cake and biscuit that they had purchased in the tea room. It was freeeeeeezing cold and starting to get a little slippery under foot so I kept repeating my warnings to the tiddlers “don’t rush, walk steady it’s a bit slippery”, the next thing I know I hear Beanie Boy screaming out as he has indeed fallen flat on his face but successfully managed to keep his biscuit safely off the ground (just like his Dad he hates to see food go to waste!). He had gone down quite heavily and managed to scrape his knee so naturally he was very upset and crying uncontrollably. I dropped my bags and turned to pick him up to stand him on his feet and give him a cuddle when Little Bean turned into Mother Hen “awww poor boy, you did hurt yourself didn’t you” and then a sudden look of horror spread across her face as she declared “but Mummy he’s smoking!”. As I turned to look at my little man I saw that yes to the eyes of a four year old he was ‘smoking’ but of course he wasn’t, it was just his breath in the cold air and it was at this point that I began to laugh so hard I had to remember to engage my pelvic floor (I am pregnant!!) whilst Beanie Boy and Little Bean looked at me like I was the most uncaring Mummy in the world . . . so I would like to say to them –

“I’m sorry tiddlers but you do come out with the funniest things at times and I love you both all the more for it, you brighten up my day!! xxx”

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