British Gas Smart Meters

In life, there are good and bad surprises. I like good surprises, Hubby coming home with a bunch of flowers (hint hint) or a special night out. I don’t like bad surprises like hefty energy bills that eat up all your savings. It’s easily done during winter as the nights draw in, lights come on earlier, the heating’s turned up and we turn to electronic devices for entertainment.

A smart meter

By 2019 the Government wants all UK homes to be fitted with a smart meter so we can take control of our energy consumption. A smart meter, like your usual meter, monitors your gas and electricity consumption but is different in that you have a visual display telling you exactly how much money you are spending (£/p) and overtime how much energy (kWh/CO2) you use. British Gas has been providing homes with smart meters for a long time, they are committed to making sure that every home has a smart meter by 2019.

British Gas smart meters enable you to make significant savings on your energy bills. By turning appliances/lights/sockets on and off one at a time you can get savvy as to which use the most energy, therefore costing you more money. That outdoor light that has been left on throughout the day or the TV which sits on standby. Once you know how much it really costs you might think twice about remembering to switch off. Take control of your energy consumption and take control of your spending to really ‘see’ the savings coming in. What would you do with the money you save?

What about the bigger picture?

The smart meter is so smart it transmits your energy consumption to British Gas daily so your bills are accurate, no estimated bills, no calling in your own meter readings, you have peace of mind that you are only paying for what you have used.

Using a smart meter doesn’t just make things better for you, you’ll help the UK as a whole by making us an energy efficiency leader. In short, Britain will be able to upgrade its National Grid. A Smart Grid delivers energy reliably (no more power cuts/blackouts) and efficiently by managing electricity consumption growth,  enabling decentralised energy generation and the opportunity to adopt renewable energy with better distribution and customer service. It’s an all-around winner and you can be a part of it.

Still not convinced?

British Gas commissioned the Oxford Economics Report to be carried out as part of their initiative for commitment to their customers and for a Smart Energy Future investigating the benefits of introducing smart metering to Britain. Having read the report I am convinced that the outcome can be nothing but positive for the future of our bank balance and our children. 

The cost of implementing smart meters nationwide could be as much as £11.5 billion BUT with savings of £25.3 billion, that’s a net saving of almost £14 billion. This could mean a household saving of 5% on the annual bill (approximately £60 per year). Why not read the report for yourself, you’ll be amazed by the findings. You can also find more information on the British Gas Website or speak with others keen to know more on Facebook and Twitter.

Getting your smart meter

When your home is ready for an upgrade, you’ll be contacted by a highly trained Smart Energy Expert from British Gas who can change your meter, explain how to use it and how best to save money using your smart meter. If you would like to pre-register for a smart meter enter your details with British Gas.

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