The (very funny) honest truth about Motherhood!

The adverts that stick in your head are generally either the most annoying, the funniest or the ones with a bit of eye candy (well they are the ones that stick in my head anyway!) and this is one that I think will be replayed again and again. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching the new ad for the Fiat 500 entitled ‘Motherhood’ but both Hubby and I were laughing at loud and wondering how the ‘mother’ managed to keep a straight face herself.

The tag line from the chorus “Motherhood is another hood, once you’re in the club, you’re in for good” is so true. Before becoming a mother I think we all have idealised thoughts about what it will be like, we tend to gloss over the, shall we say, messy parts and imagine hours spent playing with a happy, smiling baby, one that eats everything we offer them, offers kisses and cuddles freely. We imagine the house will be filled with the aroma of fresh baking, shiny floors and not a pile of ironing in sight!! Oh how daft we can be!

The reality is so much more than just sleepless nights and an endless stream of dirty nappies, food on the floor and a house resembling a launderette. This is a refreshing but truthful look at Motherhood, cleverly combined with a cool car for the yummy mummy with a sense of style and fun. Still reading? Get watching . . .

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