A brilliant birthday (Bank Holiday) weekend . . .

I’ve been a little busy of late with a separate project I am working on which is taking up a great deal of my time so I apologise for this post being about a week late!

My Bank Holiday ‘weekend’ officially started on Thursday 1st May. I always look forward to the May Day Bank Holiday because it’s my Mum’s birthday on 1st May and my birthday on the 3rd May so it always feels special. We spent the day shopping on Thursday, just Mum, Jelly Bean and me since the other Beans were at school. As much as we love spending time with all the Beans, let’s face it, children aren’t exactly condusive to a successful shopping trip!


On Friday night Mum and I went out in town for a few drinks and ran into a couple of the Mums from school. It felt good to get dressed up and have a dance and a giggle. Then on Saturday morning I was woken up by my gorgeous Beans wishing me a happy birthday and excitedly ushering me into the lounge so they could shower me with birthday presents the gorgeous birthday cake they had made with Daddy whilst I was out dancing the night away. To say that I was spoilt would be a huge understatement, I received so many gorgeous cards and birthday presents, each one with thought behind them and they all mean the world to me.

I took Little Bean to a swimming lesson with a new teacher which went really well. We have had issues with her previous teacher but I’m pleased to say she loved her new teacher and swam to impress. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.


We spent the rest of the day at Springfields where I was able to have a bit of a birthday spend before returning home to meet my sister and her family who were coming to stay overnight. When they arrived the sun was still shining so we went to our local pub and set ourselves up in the Beer Garden where the children played happily together whilst we got caught up.

Bourne Woods

Sunday saw more sunshine so we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy it with the children. All of the children love to explore so we went to local woods equipped with a camera (of course!).

Bourne Woods

They loved running in the long grass, right up until the point they realised they perhaps couldn’t get out at the other end so they hastily made their retreat.

Bourne Woods

What a bunch of posers!! They’re models don’t you know . . .

Bourne Woods

Honestly, I don’t know where they get it from!

Bourne Woods

I love Spring, it’s such a pretty season.

Bourne Woods

How was your Bank Holiday weekend? Did you do anything special?



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