Outdoor cleaning with Karcher

This is possibly the first time that I have received a product to review which Hubby and I have fought over who gets to use it first! I first used a Karcher Pressure Washer about 7 years ago at our previous house and I thought it was magic. At the time we lived in a 20 year old property and the patio was looking a little dishevelled but after half an hour or so of me blasting it with the pressure washer it was like having a new patio. It went from grey to sand coloured and made the patio area look like new. Sadly we had only borrowed that particular pressure washer off a friend so we didn’t get to keep it but this time it’s different. This time as an Ambassador for Karcher I have been sent the Pressure Washer plus Home Kit to keep so that I can tell you honestly what I think of it.

Karcher Pressure Washer


Like lots of us, Hubby didn’t refer to the manual when assembling the Pressure Washer so that just proves how easy it is to set up. I even asked him to take it apart so that I could photograph what was in the box before he started but then I promptly forgot when I was distracted by the Beans. So in the box you have the machine (which needs to remain horizontal when in use), the extendable cleaning gun and the Home Kit which includes the rotating head and cleaning solution (we didn’t need to use this). What you DON’T have in the box is a water hose to connect the Pressure Washer to the tap to get the water supply. Hubby was up and running in less than 15 minutes. HOWEVER, if you do have a water butt then all Karcher Pressure Washers can be operated from a water butt which is pretty clever if you ask me (we don’t have a water butt anymore so we couldn’t test this).

The Home Kit ROCKS!

When I cleaned the patio at the old house, I don’t think the Home Kit even existed. As much as I loved the end result of the patio, the same can’t be said for my own image. I looked rather like I had been involved in a mud fight as the spray covered me and I resembled a muddy drowned rat! This time I let Hubby go first and he used the Home Kit which is a large round head with rotating jets underneath and bristles around the edge meaning the water is contained within the head and doesn’t cover you and the surrounding area. Last year we had our patio replaced because I wasn’t happy with it (and I’m still not!) so it wasn’t really very dirty but it never hurts to give a little spring clean. It easily shifted the little bit of green that was starting to settle on the slabs. It didn’t however like it when Hubby accidentally held the head over the edge of the gravel as it picked up a couple of stones which whizzed around and snapped off two little pieces of plastic. Thankfully it hasn’t affected the use of the head at all but let that be a lesson to you!!

Pressure Washer Uses

Once Hubby had finished cleaning our Patio Area he then moved onto the cars (he was itching to do them!) and I think this is what the washer will be primarily used for from now on. Hubby first gave the cars a blast off to get rid of the surface dust and dirt before getting out his Shampoo clothes and giving them a good lathering before turning the Pressure Washer on again to rinse away the bubbles. Cleaning the two cars took Hubby much less time than usual to clean (which meant I could set him to work on other jobs) and it required a lot less effort for him (which is great as he is now approaching 40 years old and needs to slow down a bit – just checking to see whether he reads my blog or not!).

Karcher Pressure Washer

Whilst Hubby was out on the drive he then turned his attentions to the salt marks and weeds which were making a home for themselves along the side of the house. Within minutes they were gone and our house was left looking clean again.

We have a Window Cleaner so we don’t need to clean our windows with them but if we didn’t then we would definitely use the pressure washer for this job.

Karcher Pressure Washer

Every year as Summer approaches and the children want to play outside more I get the fun task of cleaning all their outdoor toys which have been left open to the elements during the Winter period. It’s a job I hate doing but it needs doing just the same. This year it was a breeze with the pressure washer. Hubby pulled them out from behind the garage one by one and cleaned them off with no effort at all and now our garden is the perfect play area once again to let the Beans run wild to play and explore to their hearts content.

Thank you Karcher, it would have been so much more painful without you!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Karcher Pressure Washer as part of my role as Karcher Clean Ambassador. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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