Booking a Last-Minute Family Holiday

When the stresses of everyday life become too much, sometimes the best thing for us and the family is to get away to relax and recharge our batteries. Believe it or not, booking a last-minute trip is often the best way! Booking at the last minute sometimes results in finding the best deals. From flights to accommodation, you might be able to score yourself a low-budget family holiday. Here is why you may want to book your next getaway at the last-minute family holiday.

Why book at the last minute?

Last-Minute Family Holiday

Unbeatable price tags

The main advantage of booking before you travel lies in some interesting tariffs. Some offers can allow you to bag 75% off the original price! The later you book, the more the price drops, so it’s a careful balance of booking as late as possible and booking while there is still availability. Reservations can usually occur between a few days and a fortnight before travelling to your chosen destination.

Surprising holidays

Family holiday

If you decide to book a last-minute holiday, you won’t necessarily be able to bag that specific cycling tour of India or a month of volunteering in South America you wanted (those require more organisation and will be for another time), but they are ideal for a getaway with your family. This is the perfect occasion to discover places with the kids or destinations you’d knocked off your wish list because they were too expensive.

Exclusive packages


As well as largely reduced prices, last-minute booking offers other benefits: you could enjoy a luxurious getaway in a heavenly location, which you may have never even looked at considering the original prices and your budget! Late booking will enable you to bag reduced plane or train tickets and fantastic accommodation prices, including in luxury hotels.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can unwind while the kids are busy building sand castles, European destinations like Spain and Portugal are always great for snagging spur-of-the-moment deals.

For something slightly more interesting and educational, a city break is always a great option. Why not discover Paris or Berlin or somewhere scenic like Geneva? Serviced apartments are a great accommodation choice when travelling with kids as they give you plenty of space to make yourselves at home. Visit to explore this option in Geneva.

Have a look around, especially if you’ve been dreaming of a relaxing all-inclusive holiday; with any luck, you’ll find an offer including accommodation plus meals, drinks and activities!

A few tips for booking and organising your last-minute holidays


Check before you book!

You may find some irresistible deals for dream destinations, but before booking, check that you have the necessary documents for travel. If travelling abroad, ensure your passport is valid (for at least the next six months for most destinations). If your little ones don’t have passports yet, you can expedite the process for additional fees.

Finding the trip that’s right for your Family

You may be tempted to grab the lowest price on a holiday package – that could, after all, be a clever way to head for a surprising destination. But the best way to ensure you enjoy your travels is to gather information on places you may be interested. Look at cultural agendas, weather conditions and current social/political situations in the countries you’re looking at, and most importantly, make sure the place and accommodation you are booking are family-friendly to ensure everyone will be entertained and have a good time.

Your luggage


When we say always be ready, we know that you won’t permanently have bags packed, as much for chilly Norway as for the Mallorcan sun. You can always store essentials to face any weather: sandals, hats and swim costumes for beach destinations, big coats and boots for the cold, waterproof jacket for monsoon season…

When you’ve booked a holiday, gather the most important items for your destination. This includes, of course, passports and your tickets! If you’ve managed to book at least a few days before travelling, make sure everything is ready a couple of days ahead of time. Being a bit organised beats throwing your things in a bag a few hours before leaving (especially when packing for little ones).

There you have it: there are tremendous benefits to booking last-minute family holidays. You could enjoy destinations and packages you’d never dreamed of visiting!

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