Blowing away the cobwebs of 2016 – our family walk at Deeping Lakes

One of our favourite things to do over the New Year is to get out for a family walk if the weather permits. We wrap up warm and head off on an adventure. Despite the cold weather, it’s actually still been quite sunny recently and the winter sun is always so nice – especially for taking photographs.

Family fun

Each year since I have been blogging I have tried setting myself goals to take part in blogging photography projects and then I fail miserably halfway through the year (sometimes even earlier) so this year I am just going to aim to take more family photographs, and share them on the blog. I don’t think they need to have any great write-ups, the important thing is that I want to have them somewhere they can be seen rather than taking up space on my SD card and getting forgotten about.


As Christmas time comes around I generally create Photobooks via Photobox or similar online services to make beautiful gifts for our close family. This time when I was collating photographs to go into the books I realised that Hubby and I hardly featured in any of the photographs just the two of us so this year I am making it my mission to get more pics of us as a couple. I absolutely love this photograph which was taken by Curly on my new Sony A6000 Compact System camera. Mind you, Little Bean and Beanie Boy are becoming pretty good little photographers too!

Outdoor fun

It’s hard to believe that we only discovered Deeping Lakes a few months ago and yet it is less than 3 miles from our house?! It’s a long enough walk to wear the Beans out without having to walk for miles and miles. It has bird hides where we can watch the wildlife (well providing Jelly Bean hasn’t already frightened them away – he isn’t the quietest child).

Outdoor fun

The Beans love these deep banks to run up and down, they get to hide behind the trees, climb them and generally explore whilst still being in close proximity to us. It was FREEZING up on the bank where we were walking so I think the Beans had the right idea about being protected from the winds down at the bottom. It also made it difficult to get a photograph of Beanie Boy on his own though because he managed to stay hidden for most of our walk.

Outdoor fun
Outdoor fun

It wasn’t until I took these photographs of Little Bean that I realised just how much she has grown up in the past year. She has certainly grown in height but in her face too, she is looking less like a little girl now which is quite scary. (I have NO idea what Jelly Bean is doing behind her!!)

Father and son

I love these photographs of Hubby and Curly, a rare moment where I could capture the two of them being the buffoons that they are when they are together. Curly is growing into quite the young man these days, he had a pretty tough year last year but I’m delighted to say that he has come out of it all really well and has a bright future ahead of him. He has a smart head on his shoulders and has been making some good decisions of late, he makes me very proud to be his step mum.

We have always had the rule when taking family photographs that if the Beans smile for some ‘nice’ photographs then we have some fun doing a few ‘odd squad’ pics which I usually love just as much as it shows how crazy we really are but I actually don’t like this one. Beanie Boy is perfecting his ‘zombie’ look and it kind of freaks me out a bit!! How do you encourage your little people to smile nicely for the camera?

Family fun

I have no idea what this plant is but I was fascinated by its flowers(?) if that’s what you would call them?

I shall leave you with this photograph that I took on our way back to the car at the end of our walk. Obviously I know where the waterway leads to but I love this photograph. You could imagine climbing aboard a rowing boat (or a motorboat if you’re feeling lazy) and drifting away into the sunset towards your own little island or place of retreat.

Winter Sun

You could be going anywhere you like, it’s your imagination. Where will you sail to tonight? xx

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