Saturday Snippets – 14 January 2017

I really enjoyed doing these Saturday Snippets posts last year and then somewhere along the way, they got forgotten and I stopped blogging at weekends at all but I would like to try to do this one again so here goes;

Saturday Snippets

{Feeling} HAPPY!

So far this year has been quite kind to our little family. After the disastrous month of December, we were keen to get 2016 out of the way. The year ended with a lovely Christmas and a quiet but lovely New Year. We have decided to take a slightly slower approach on life in 2017 and so far this seems to be working for us. The Beans are sleeping better and even sleeping in a little longer in the mornings, they are getting along better and being kinder to each other too. We like this very much!


  • of Hubby for a glowing appraisal at work, this doesn’t surprise me at all as he works really hard and always takes pride in what he does but it’s nice that his efforts have been recognised.
  • of Curly for a glowing report from his school. He has settled back into the New Year really well and has been really making the effort to impress his teachers and his peers, his efforts have paid off and as a result, everyone is so much happier.
  • of Little Bean for taking part in the Young Voices Choir competition in Sheffield yesterday. She has been working hard at home to learn her songs. I was in awe of her standing up in front of so many people singing, my little lady amazes me. She puts her name down for so many things and just loves to be involved, my heart bursts with pride for how much she tries to do.
  • of Beanie Boy for his love of school. I don’t know why but I never expected him to love school as much as he does but he actually thrives on it. He was itching to get back to school in the New Year, he was pleased to see his friends but more than anything he has such a thirst for knowledge and wants to keep on learning.
  • of Jelly Bean for finally conquering his fears over the toilet. It’s early days but he has finally started to use the toilet for his poops and has been proud of his own efforts. We saw a new Paediatric Consultant this week who was going to perform a colonoscopy but he was so happy with Jelly Bean’s progress he has decided to hold off for three months to see how he is getting on before making a final decision. Fingers crossed we can keep things going.

{Listening to}

Ministry of Sound Annual 2016. I am LOVING CD1 at the moment and listen to it non-stop when the Beans are at school. It has so many great tunes that make me want to get up out of my seat and dance around the kitchen. Sometimes I have to turn it off in order to get on with my work but not until I’ve had a good old booty shaking session.

{I am}

. . . disappointed in myself that I have put on so much weight in the last few months and haven’t found the time to get out exercising like I had hoped I would in the New Year. So far I have only managed one walk but hopefully, as the weather picks up I will get out and about a little more. I am trying my hardest to eat a little more sensibly but I swear I am addicted to chocolate and biscuits, I can’t get through a day without eating them.

{Next week}

I am looking forward to starting something new but you’ll have to wait for next week’s Saturday Snippets to see what that is . . .


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