Beanie Boy’s masterpiece

As many of you know, my baby, my Beanie Boy, celebrated his second birthday last week. Time flies, doesn’t it? To mark this special occasion, not only did we throw a party, but I also continued our beloved tradition—having my little man paint his birthday canvas. It’s a ritual I cherish with all my children, year after year. Watching our art collection grow is a joy, and I eagerly anticipate maintaining this tradition for as long as they’re happy to be a part of it. One day, I dream of dedicating a blank wall in our home to display these vibrant reminders of each stage of their childhood.

Beanie Boy's Masterpiece

I’m absolutely smitten with Beanie Boy’s latest masterpiece! The colours he’s selected, the dynamic flow of his brush strokes—it’s all so captivating. But the true beauty lies in the fact that it’s his creation, a piece of his heart and imagination on canvas.

His enthusiasm didn’t stop there. Filled with artistic spirit, he went on to craft several more pieces for Nanna, Nanny, Grandad, and Daddy. Now, here’s a little amusing tidbit about Beanie Boy’s artistic process. Whenever he delves into his artwork, he enjoys experimenting with various materials—those easy-to-hold Crayola paints, a classic palette with brush and water, crayons, and his absolute favourite, sponge printing with oozing paint. But here’s the charming part: every time he runs out of paint, he earnestly requests, “More sauce please, Mummy.” Despite my gentle corrections, “It’s paint, sweetheart,” he confidently insists, “No, sauce, Mummy!” That’s my boy, always adding his own adorable twist to everything he does!

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