How much fun can you have with your eyes closed?

You may remember that we were selected to be a QuinnyCaster and receive a brand new Quinny Zapp Xtra to review for 6 months.  Well, having a new baby has been keeping me very busy the last 6 weeks, so we haven’t been able to make full use of the buggy until NOW!  Yesterday I decided the time had come. I HAD to start my Christmas shopping – boooo!!! 

Let’s hit the shops

How much fun can you have with your eyes closed?

Being a breastfeeding Mummy means that wherever I go, Beanie Boy must surely follow.  So armed with my purse, my baby and my Quinny Zapp Xtra, me and my Mum hit the shops to get all festive.  Hubby had the fun task of entertaining Curly and Little Bean for the day, ensuring that he slept well last night!

Super Stroller

As you have already seen from my video, the Quinny is super easy to put up, and I really love the fact that you can have a baby facing you.  My Mum was really impressed with how easy it is to steer (she has her ‘L’ plates on again), I think she only got totally stuck in one shop, but that was because someone had knocked half of the toys off the shelf and left them on the floor – not very considerate for other pushchair users.

Unfortunately, our shopping trip was not very successful, we only managed to buy three Christmas presents, but we had a really nice day, and Beanie Boy slept “like a baby”, which I think means he enjoyed his first shopping experience and goes to show you can have loads of fun with your eyes closed!

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