Beanie Boy’s a toddler now!

Mummy Matters Our little man took his first tentative steps between 10 and 11 months but since then has preferred crawling to get from A to B. Every now and then he would cruise his way around the furniture but being the fastest crawler in town he could still get around much quicker on all fours . . . until today!

I’m not sure what has made Beanie Boy change his tactics but this afternoon after sitting next to me on the sofa he jumped down and walked confidently across the lounge to the TV and then from the TV back across to a chair and has been walking everywhere since. Each time he arrives at his destination he pauses for a few seconds to give himself a little round of applause and declares “cap cap” (clap, clap). The look of pride on his face is the most adorable I have seen and today will stick in my mind as the day that my baby turned into a toddler.

Mummy Matters

2 thoughts on “Beanie Boy’s a toddler now!”

  1. Oh. My. God. That is ADORABLE!! Lil Sis is standing on her own, looking VERY pleased with herself, but hasn’t dared to take that first step yet… xx

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