When Mummy Matters met Daddy Natal

What kind of Twitter follower are you? Do you know everything there is to know about the people who you follow on Twitter, almost stalker-like or do you dip in and out when the mood takes you? I’m more of the second if I’m honest, I go through phases where I either concentrate solely on Twitter and the people I follow reading blogs from start to finish (if they draw me in) or I get so engrossed in my own blog that I totally forget about Twitter until an update pops up which grabs my attention.

Daddy Natal I only really discovered Daddy Natal when it was too late for the Mummy Matters family as our children had already arrived but I’ve always been intrigued by Daddy Natal and the service they offer. Despite being from the same area I have never actually had the opportunity to meet with Daddy Natal until today when we (along with lots of other lovely bloggers) attended the John Crane Coffee Morning at Mocha Mama in Kettering.

After having a good chat with Dean (Daddy Natal) I have to say I’m almost tempted to have another baby (not with Dean you understand, with my own Hubby of course!! Dean’s lovely and all that but you get my meaning . . . ). Dean was saying that when he became a Dad for the first time he felt a bit ‘in the dark’ about the whole birth process and where he fitted in and what he could do when his son arrived  but rather than sit back and accept it, he decided to do something about it and help other Dad’s in the same position. Dean is the ONLY fully qualified male Antenatal Educator in the UK, he is approved and registered with the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT) as a teacher and a fully accredited trainer with them too.

Although for us Hubby wasn’t to be a ‘first-time’ Daddy, he still felt a little lost during the birth process as Curly was born by emergency C-section and Little Bean was a natural/assisted delivery so two very different births. Upon reflection Hubby has said that the felt ‘useless’ during my labour and birth with Little Bean as he just didn’t know where he could fit in and it was a similar experience with Beanie Boy. If only we had known about Dean and his classes which are exclusively for expectant fathers then his birth experiences could have been so different. My cousin, LittlePinkBump and her husband are expecting their first baby in December and so I had told them about Dean’s classes and was really pleased to hear that they have now signed up for her Hubby to go. I feel a little excited at the though because I’m hoping that it will enhance his experience of becoming a Daddy for the first time.

Hubby says we can’t have any more babies but if we did, I think Daddy Natal Classes would definitely be on our list of ‘to-do’!!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write about DaddyNatal, this is my own decision and all words and opinions are my own – I just love his concept and wanted to share it with others!!

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