Baby Supplies – What Can you Save on and Where Should You Splash the Cash?

When you’ve got a newborn on the way, it can be tempting to buy a load of brand-new items for them. But once you add up the price of the pushchair, car seat, cot, play area, bottle sterilizer and all the other miscellaneous things you need, the costs begin to skyrocket.

Baby Supplies

Baby supply stores tend to charge way over the odds because they know that mothers will pay. Of course, it is enjoyable to buy some perfect new gifts for your bundle of joy, but this should be done in moderation. Mothers should try to strike a balance between second-hand and first-time goods to provide the best start for their children at the right price.

What Items are Best Purchased Preloved?

Many people hold the view that if something is second-hand, then it is somehow inferior or tainted. This can be the case with certain products, but it is less common with baby-related goods. Think about it, anyone with a young child is going to be careful with the equipment that they allow them to use. This means always keeping things clean and fixing them when they get broken. Mothers can rest assured that many pieces of baby furniture seen online are just as good as their first-hand equivalents.

The best things to shop for second-hand include pushchairs and car seats. These tend to be expensive when bought from a shop, so it is wise to try to cut costs on them. A baby cot is also extremely durable, and suitable to purchase from someone who has used it already.

You should always remember that a lot of the baby items you purchase can be sold again when you no longer need them. Try to keep them in good condition by fixing them whenever they get damaged. It’s useful to keep some epoxy glue handy, simply because it is so versatile. It can be used to fix almost any material and can even make stuff look as good as new.  

The Essentials That You Should Buy New

The large and pricey baby items are fine to buy second-hand, just make sure you shop around first. However, there are a few things that you should try to splash a bit of cash on. For instance, you’ll feel much more at ease putting your little one in clothes that have come straight from a package. The same is true for baby bottles and cleaning equipment.

Some mothers may also prefer to buy new breast pumps. Thinking about the machine having been attached to another woman’s breast in the past could be off-putting for some. You’re going to want to make sure you’re pumping as much as possible to get that milk flowing, so it would be helpful to feel comfortable when using it.

Different mothers will give diverse advice about buying supplies for new babies. But most would agree that the costs can be astronomical if you’re not careful. That means that the best approach is to combine some first-hand and second-hand purchases.

Baby Supplies – What Can you Save on and Where Should You Splash the Cash? 1

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