Electrical Safety: What UK Businesses Should Know About EICR Certification

Health and safety are an important concern for companies, and when it comes to electrical safety, it’s vital that an organisation is not lax in its obligations, as this could result in significant losses and regulatory action against the business. The Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR, is a standard certification all UK businesses are required to follow in order to ensure that they comply with the legally stipulated electrical safety standards, which protect business property and all staff from harm that could occur as a direct result of electrical issues. In this article, we’ll cover everything you should know about EICR Certificates and why they’re essential for your business.

Electrical Safety: What UK Businesses Should Know About EICR Certification

What is the EICR Certificate?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report is a detailed record of inspections and tests conducted on the electrical installations in your business to ensure that they meet official standards and are safe. EICR is a legal requirement for all UK commercial buildings and businesses based on the official Electrical Work Regulations (1989) and British Standards BS 7671, which requires all electrical installations to undergo rigorous regular inspections and testing. 

What Does the EICR Involve?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report certificate records the results of the inspections and tests performed on the electrical systems within our business. It details any wear and tear or damage found in the electrical circuitry and notes any sections that are in violation of electrical wiring regulations. The EICR also covers any issues in the installations that could result in electric shocks or increased temperatures, such as defects with the fittings or an earth fault. The details of the report that cover the safety status of all electrical systems will also make recommendations on how to improve the installations.

Who Can Conduct the Inspections for EICR?

Electrical safety

Inspections and testing for EICR must be conducted by experienced experts who have been approved by official standards organisations or authorities. These experts will be up to date with the latest safety standards and have the necessary technical skills and knowledge in order to perform thorough inspections and tests. 

The expert you hire to perform your business EICR will be equipped with the proper tools and know-how needed to conduct the required safety tests and inspections in order to detect any flaws in your electrical installation. These professionals are in the ideal position to make appropriate recommendations on how to address any issues within your electrical systems and how you can improve if your installations are in good condition. If you want to get more information and a greater understanding of the EICR costs, you can learn more at Trade Facilities Services.

Why does my Business Need to Have an EICR Certificate?

An EICR test and inspection should be conducted every year in line with the Electrical Work Regulations (1989) that require businesses to perform regular tests and checks. The frequency stipulated by law will vary depending on a range of factors; for example, in some industries, it is illegal to go more than three years without conducting inspections, whereas, in other sectors, checks must be performed every five years. In many hospitality and residential sectors, such as hotels and care homes, you need to review your fixed wire testing every five years. However, spa hotels need to review their fixed wire testing every three years, so your organisation needs to understand its position and the rules it has to comply with.

Failure to comply with the Electrical Work Regulations (1989) could result in faulty or damaged electric circuitry, which could lead to significant financial, reputation, and operation losses and, in some cases, loss of life. Furthermore, your business will face penalties from authorities if you neglect safety regulations. Therefore, it is vital that all business owners keep on top of their EICR.

Electrical Safety: What UK Businesses Should Know About EICR Certification 1

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