Arrive alive – commuter safety tips

Most jobs require us to commute. For some of us, this means driving our cars along the same roads we take every day to get to our offices or other places of work. For others who wish to avoid the clogged roads (and in doing so also avoid the risk of a car or truck accident), a seat on a bus or a train may be the way forward. Today, we’re going to cover some commuter safety tips for all forms of transport. Let’s get into it.

Drivers … on the way to the car

commuter safety

You may not consider the walk to your car to be part of the ‘commuter’ experience. However, you are in danger of being attacked by muggers who know that people will be returning to their cars at rush hour. These muggers wait in dark corners for lone drivers who may be carrying a laptop, a phone, a bag, or any other expensive items. Always carry your car keys in your hand, ready to open your car door, and women, in particular, are advised to carry a personal protection device such as an alarm.

Drivers … when driving

Commuter safety driving

Use a sat nav at all times. Simply checking the state of play before setting off may not be enough. Crashes happen. When they do, your sat nav may be able to alert you in time to take evasive action, meaning you will not be driving at full legal speed into a potential ‘pile-up’ situation. Other tips also include safe driving practices such as leaving enough time for your journey and wearing a seatbelt, but along with this comes the recommendation to purchase a phone holder. This will allow you to see an eye-level display of notifications, rather than being tempted to look away from the road to check your phone. 

Public transport (with a driver, e.g. bus)

Public transport

If you are taking public transport with a driver, such as a bus, try to sit as close to the driver as possible. This is for two reasons. First, any hassle from assailants onboard will be more clearly heard by the driver if you are close by. Second, the driver will be vigilant to his/her own safety, meaning any road accidents are less likely to involve the front of the bus.

Public transport of any kind

Commuter safety

Individual commuters waiting for a mode of public transport to arrive are easy targets for muggers. The tip here is to find somewhere nearby to wait indoors – many transport companies now offer apps that allow you to view real-time updates on arrival times, meaning you could potentially wait indoors a few minutes’ walks from your stop as long as you keep an eye on when to leave.

Be vigilant. Stay safe. Arrive alive.

Most jobs require us to commute. Today, we’re going to cover some commuter safety tips no matter what your form of transport. It pays to be vigilant.

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