The Reason Roofing Maintenance is Critical

Most people lead busy lives.  They go to work, go to social events, get their kids to and from activities, school, and sporting events and constantly move.   By the time you arrive home at night, you are probably exhausted.  You may do routine things around the house every single day.   For example, you may load your dishwasher at night and reload it in the morning.  However, individuals rarely take the time to truly consider one of the most critical parts of their home.  The part of the home hanging over your head at night while you sleep.  Most people rarely give a second thought to their roofing maintenance unless a problem arises.

The Reason Roofing Maintenance is Critical

The roof of a home is critical in keeping those residing in the home safe.  It protects against hot and cold weather, rain, winds, snowstorms, heavy storms, and many other things outside the home.  The roof is on the front lines when it comes to defending you, and your loved one’s inside the home.   Because the roof is on the front lines, it is daily exposed to dangerous weather conditions, water, limbs falling, animals crawling on, and many more outside would-be intruders and prevents these things from reaching you and your family.  The problem is that this exposure leads to roof deterioration. 

Roof problems are normally the result of not taking the time to ensure the roof is properly maintained.  It is among the biggest structural pieces of any home.  For a roof to remain in good condition, it needs to be inspected regularly.  There will be maintenance tasks that need to be completed and repairs that need to be made regularly.  The expected life of a roof is anywhere from fifteen to thirty years.  However, if you do not take care of it, you may find yourself having to replace it much sooner.

Here are reasons roofing maintenance is more critical than you realise:

Live Long


You want your roof to live a long healthy life.  The longer your roof remains in good condition, the longer you can be safe for you at home.  Fixing smaller problems can prevent major ones from occurring.  Maintaining your roof means that it is going to last longer.  Taking care of it can be the difference between paying for a new roof or paying for repairs.  This can save you money.  The decision on how often to have a roof inspection completed should be based on where you live, the type of roof you have, and the things that your roof is exposed to daily. 


Like with all warranties, there are typically questions involved when filing a claim.  No one is big on replacing something without knowing exactly what happened.  You need to read the warranty and ask questions if you have any when you first have a roof installed, if possible.  There are normally exceptions involved in the warranty paperwork.  Just like your car and home insurance, there are certain things your warranty is not going to cover. 

Each warranty is different. We recommend that you go to this site to see what home warranty options are available for your home. Look for a company that has experience operating in your area as they will likely have many contacts with contractors local to you to come and diagnose and address issues with items in your property. First American operate across the country, in states like Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, to name a few, and have done so for more than three decades so they’ve certainly got the prestige to give you peace of mind. Many have clauses stating that proper repair and maintenance must be completed on your roof regularly, or the warranty becomes null and void. Some require you to have an inspection completed by certified professionals at certain periods.  For example, your warranty may say after every major storm, someone needs to inspect the roof. It may require every two years. It is important to take care of your roof because the warranty may not cover every type of damage.

Curb Appeal

Roof curb appeal
The roof of a modern apartment block

When looking at the property value, people often forget how much having Red Owl Roofing repair, replace or upgrade their roof can add to the curb appeal.   People want to have nice homes, but it is often not thought about by homeowners because the roof is often out of sight.  The better the outside of your home looks, the more likely it is to sell if you decide to move.  When you neglect to clean the gutters, water does not drain properly from the roof.  This can lead to damage to the roof and the gutters, and even your yard.  When you do not care for your roof, it can cause algae growth and unappealing streaks of black on the roof.  Many of this is easily prevented and/or solved by having maintenance completed regularly. 


Spend a little money now and save a ton of money later.  When you maintain your roof, it keeps your money in the bank.  When your roof is leaking, you are not going to look for the best roofing price.  You will find who can get out there and prevent the inside of your home from being completely ruined quickest. 

Many roofing companies make little money on replacing roofs.  Instead, most of their revenue is earned by accepting emergency calls.  When a service call is completed, you are typically charged for the material being used, and the time it takes the professional to complete the work.  Many companies charge more money on weekends, holidays, or at night.  You also must pay the professional for coming to your home, setting up their equipment and figuring out what is going on. 

If they find something seriously wrong with the roof, you are looking at spending potentially thousands of dollars to have it fixed.  You will also have to spend time missing work and potentially important appointments and engagements to have the roof repaired.  You also may find that you must stay somewhere away from your home during the process, or you are suddenly restricted from entering certain areas of your home.  The money spent on maintenance is less than what you are looking at in an emergency. 

The expected life of a roof is 15-30 years. If you don't take care of it; you may have to replace it much sooner. Here is why roofing maintenance is critical.

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