All children are Born to Play, right?

Pampers love children and are always keen to know that bit more to ensure that our children grow up to be happy and healthy. The Pampers Village Parent Panel development expert, Dr Maggie Redshaw identified four different types of play;

Exploratory Play – nurturing your baby’s curiosity

Active Play – developing physical strength and confidence

Social Play – encouraging social skills

Make-believe Play – stimulating the imagination

Pampers worked with Maggie to create a fun survey to help you discover your child’s play personality and give you suggestions on how to incorporate play to help your child to develop. Learning through play is so important and effective and Pampers don’t want playtime to be spoilt which is why they developed Pampers Active Fit which was voted Product of the Year 2011 in a survey of 11,300 people.

I have certainly noticed the difference in how I keep my children amused, the old tried and tested methods that used to work with Little Bean just don’t interest Beanie Boy in the slightest and vice versa so I’m really pleased that I took the survey to find out their play types.

You can take part in the survey here to find out your child’s play personality just like I did. Want to know what my children are?

image 19012011 002

DSC02658 image

Now I’m off to read the expert guides on how to play with my little tiddlers!

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