Collins English Dictionary – 11th Edition is out now!

Collins English Dictionary I think a Collins Dictionary is mandatory when you have children in your house isn’t it? We have one and some days I regret giving it to Curly to help him with his homework when he turns around and tells me “well technically . . .” or other big words he has found. I’ve never really considered that the dictionary gets updated, I guess being a little ignorant I never considered that there would be any new words added to the English language there are, in the 11th Edition you will find Arab Spring and Mumpreneur, words which I recognise but what about Mankle (a man’s bare ankle), mamil (a middle-aged man in lycra) or even mullet dress (a woman’s skirt cut short at the front and long at the back). These are all new to me.

There are over 70 new terms added to the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary from politics, technology, fashion and contemporary culture. The new additions show just how far the English language has evolved since the Collins Dictionary was first created in 1979. To celebrate two films have been created.

Heritage – have a peek into the dictionary publishing archive in Glasgow, Scotland where you can learn about the pioneering and innovative history of this British household staple. Want to know how a dictionary is put together? Want to know how new words are monitored – this video will give you the answers.

Defining Life’s Moments

A perfect gift.

A genuinely attractive piece of ‘furniture’ for the family home.

The essential book to turn to, to clarify confusion, resolve an argument or provide definitions for inquisitive children.

Collins, pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819, prove how the dictionary in its printed form remains a much-cherished addition to the family home bookshelf for generations.

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