After the highs, come the lows!

As you probably read in yesterday’s post, I had the best Mother’s Day imaginable, seriously it was the best.  But as the saying goes, after the highs, come the lows.  Overnight someone stole my beautiful, well mannered Little Bean and replaced her with a badly behaved, shouty, rude and aggressive little girl.

Little Bean

From the moment I set foot out of our bedroom this morning, I was met by a defiant Little Bean who wouldn’t do anything that I asked.  I explained to her that we were going to go out this morning to buy presents for Daddy’s birthday.  As planned, Beanie Boy fell asleep in the car, but as we arrived in the car park of the shopping centre, Little Bean shouted at Beanie Boy and woke him up, so then he was cranky.  Taking them out of the car, Little Bean proceeded to run across the car park (thankfully, there were no cars coming, but that was not the point!), so my heart jumped into my mouth.

My Phil & Ted’s double pushchair is out of action again at the moment, so I had to allow Little Bean to walk, which is never a good move when she is in one of her moods.  As we walked around the shop, she began pulling items off the rails, and then I caught her smacking Beanie Boy as I turned away.  I gave her Time Out in the corner of the shop, and she apologised and said that she would be good.  Within 2 minutes, she had pulled more clothes off the rails.  I tried engaging her in what we were doing by trying to play games with colours, but she wasn’t interested.  I decided that this was obviously not the day for shopping, so I put them both in the car and went home.  The minute that Little Bean realised we were heading home, she began crying, and over and over and over again, she SCREAMED – “I want to be a good girl” for the entire 30-minute journey.  I felt very proud of myself because I didn’t let her screaming get to me; I just stayed very calm and listened to the music because if I had tried to speak to her, she would have screamed more.

When we arrived home, the shouting and screaming continued, dinner was a disaster and so I sent her to bed.  Again the screaming continued for another 10 minutes until finally, SLEEP!  I’m hoping that she wakes up in a better mood because I now have a raging headache and feel totally exhausted.

8 thoughts on “After the highs, come the lows!”

  1. Sounds like a total nightmare. I never ever take my two-year-old shopping so well done for attempting that! Our double has a serious puncture at the mo and I find sling with toddler in the buggy much easier than expecting him to keep heading in the right direction/walking when tired etc. We still get deliberate waking up (shouting, poking, all sorts) after 11 months. It’s very annoying and I feel so sorry for the baby too, but I think it’s my reaction that’s a big motivator for him so I try to just say “that’s not nice” and not make a big deal of it. Doesn’t really help though!
    Some days with two kids are just crap for no real reason – I hope tomorrow works out better.

    • Thank you – I often do baby in the sling with toddler in buggy too but I’ve just changed my car (for a family wagon) and I keep forgetting to put everything back into it so didn’t have my sling. Some days she’s great when we go shopping but that was obviously not her day. Unfortunately today was worse than yesterday, but hey – there’s tomorrow!!

  2. Well, I know how you feel…I wrote about my tips for dealing with this today! Have a lookie if you dare. We’re both suffering! 😉

  3. They all have bad days. I have fewer with Missy Woo than I do with Monkey, but she still has them when she’s stroppy, has attitude and melts down at the smallest thing.
    Anyone tells you that their child is an angel is lying. Just chalk it up to experience and hope for a better day today. Well done for keeping calm though – it’s the hardest thing.

    • Thanks, sadly it rolled over into today and I didn’t do quite as well at keeping calm – I guess I can always hope for tomorrow? At least she’s at school for half of it 😉

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